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    Using a controller to play VR for me is a must have. I got enough of the keyboard and mouse before the point and click adventure games died out. Anyway these days using a controller on your PC is easier then ever. Now when it comes to controller type you have several options to choose from. My personal choice for a controller is a Playstaion type. The xBox is fine and I like the size and feel but the way the sticks are I don’t like how it feels and I am used to the Playstation. Also my newest choice of controller is that of the Playstaion Move Navigation controller. Not the glowing bulb one but the nifty cool well made little guys with joysticks and buttons. You get yourself 2 of these controllers for around $10-$15. I’ll break most of it down for you so hopefully it makes it easier then it was for me figuring out what does and doesn’t work. Its not perfect most but it’s a good start. I use windows 7 so if that matters there it is. You’ll need these 4 things:

    Motionjoy drivers
    BetterDS3 tool
    Joy2Key Profile using 2 Navs,cifc799msezg5gc,vdcldwbrtkpq66k,vuunuttu09cqrnp,23t7t27692zd27x

    Install motion joy and set up all the drivers.
    Start program and go to driver side and load all the drivers.
    *NOTE* This program is weird but its what I use. The version I provided is what I use and it works with my .39 cent Bluetooth adapter so I’m good with it even if it mite brain fart once in a while.

    Set up Better DS3 tool.
    This is a replacement tool to be used in place of the motion joy setup. You still need the drivers from motion joy for it to work.
    Plug your PS Move NAV or PS3 controller into a USB and pair it up via Better DS3. Do that for all your controllers your going to use. Also works with Playstaytion Move controllers and guns, guitars ect..

    Run and setup Autoruns. Its a little program that lets you configure what is ran and started at start up. I use it to disable anything having to do with motionjoy program. I also use it for other stuff as well but for this tutorial that’s what I use to make sure motionjoy behaves.

    Install Joy2Key
    This program is free and can configure all types of options and up to like 8 controllers at once(turn up processing if you use more then 2). It also allows for extensive profiling so you can always get a perfect set up and save it then use it again just with a click. You can also use other peoples configurations so its pretty cool and use full.

    Getting all this junk to work with vorpX!
    You need to get your controllers paired. Got that done? Good, move onto configuring.
    Have only 1 NAV controller or controller connected in at a time for this next part just so its easier to configure stuff.
    Open Better DS3 and go to new profile. For a PS3 controller if you want it to emulate an xbox you can set up the profile for that. It works great and I use it a lot for games I’m not playing in VR. Now if you want to use the NAV controllers its the same idea but go to profile and select DIRECT INPUT this way you can create 1 profile that can be applied to both NAVs and then be further refined via Joy2Key for particular games in the next part. Now inside of profile pick NAV controller and set the following:
    O – button 1
    X – button 2
    PS3- button 3
    L1- button 4
    L2- button 5
    Set the d pads to d pads and the left stick to left stick axis points.
    Now this can be applied to any NAV that gets plugged in and then refined for specific games in joy 2 key next. Save this profile as like NAV inputs or something and I set mine so its the master(gets applied to whatever is connected).

    Now Open up Joy to key if you have 2 navs set up then it should read as having 2 connected and it should highlight around when you push buttons and stuff confirming that it is working. Now I started out by starting at the top of controller 1 and just labeling all the buttons that get used as a, b, c, d, e, f,g ect… and set controller 2 side up as a using mouse movement on the joystick but continue labeling on through the alphabet making sure not to double or reuse letters on the 2 controllers. Now I have included a profile I use that sort of evolved because in most games you can reconfigure what buttons do what, but some buttons are what they are. In my case Fallout has some buttons that cannot be reconfigured so I had to adapt my layout accordingly. You can set up delays that make each button act as if is 2 buttons, you can add toggles, turbos, whatever you want to what ever keys you want.

    Also I set up options to be used with vopx edge peek and to configure head tracking buttons. I set up right POV arrow to first press be edge peek then if you hold for 1/2 sec it does the alt+space to configure head tracking in vorpx. This makes using a controller and vorpx GREAT because you can simply press a button and BAM your edge peeking or WHAM press it for longer and your configuring the head tracking. (This is nice because I like to reset it all the time just to keep it aligned as best as possible)

    Now get your 2 Navs all set up and configured in the 2 programs. Next start up what ever game you want to play (DO THIS ON A SCREEN AND NOT IN A HMD its just easier). Now go to where it lets you configure your controls and set them up according to what you want them to be on your NAVS and that it.

    THIS IS JUST A BASELINE. You can configure, change and customize to your hearts content! These are just what I use and how I get it to work easy for me.

    I play Half-Life 2 and Black Mesa and for instance I set up “v” and “s” to toggle HUD elements on or off in the cfg ini files. You can set up a button to do that if you match them up. I did something similar in Dishonored and Borderlands with the FOV key-hacks and stuff. Just take the key-hack your using and assign the same key to a button on the controller.


    Just a quick heads up on 2 input devices that might be interesting to someone here.

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