vorpX 21.1.1 Released

vorpX 21.1.1 focuses on improving the experience and optimizing performance in various ways, also games with TrackIR support are now handled and the D3D12 pipeline has been updated to support Cyberpunk 2077. If you don’t own vorpX yet, you can buy it here: Supported headsets: Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest 1/2 (via Oculus Link), HTC […]

vorpX 20.3.0 Released

vorpX 20.3.0 is the third major update for 2020. Main additions this time are a new (potentially faster) headset sync method, a new cinema default environment and a new fallback hooking method. There also have been various improvements to the DX11 and DX12 pipelines and of course some game profiles have been added. A few […]

vorpX 20.2.0 Released

vorpX 20.2.0 is the second major update for 2020. This release mostly focuses on internal rewrites, large portions of vorpX’s internal rendering code have been rewritten to get rid of some legacy code and make vorpX future proof. There also have been a few smaller functional additions though. Full changelog below. As always also several […]

vorpX 20.1.1 Released

vorpX 20.1.1 is a medium sized maintenance release, mainly aimed at improving/updating existing profiles and addressing a few issues that have been reported recently. On top of that Immersive Screen and Cinema play styles can now be configured for comfortable reclined gaming and a couple of smaller improvements have been implemented. The release also comes […]

vorpX 20.1.0 Released

This year’s holiday release is finally out, and not a day early. Merry Christmas (or whatever else you may celebrate) to everyone! The biggest single addition feature wise this time is probably basic shader authoring for DX12, at this point that only affects Red Dead Redemption II though in the form of an added scalable […]

vorpX 19.3.0 Released

vorpX 19.3.0 has been released. This is a feature update that mainly adds beta support for Direct3D 12, currently limited to Z3D. As a first D3D12 test case a profile for Red Dead Redemption II has been added. If you don’t own vorpX yet, you can buy it here: Supported headsets: Oculus Rift/RiftS, HTC Vive, […]

vorpX 19.2.0 Released

vorpX 19.2.0 has been released. Most prominent functional addition in this release is a C API for modders that provides easy, vendor agnostic access to headset properties like tracking or camera data and on top of that some vorpX specific functions for a streamlined user experience. If you are a modder working on a camera/FOV […]

vorpX 19.1.0 Released

vorpX 19.1.0 has been released. This release mainly adds improved support for Direct3D 11.1. Also various smaller features have been added, others have been expanded and enhanced. New game profiles have been added and various existing profiles have been revisited and now utilize the new capabilities that were added to the DX11 pipeline. For a […]

vorpX 18.3.0 Released

vorpX 18.3.0 has been released. After four maintenance releases for the 18.2 branch it’s finally time for a slightly bigger release with a bit of feature refinement and also more and enhanced game profiles. Most notable additions are: Dark Souls Remastered, Monster Hunter World, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Full List […]

vorpX 18.2.0 Released

vorpX 18.2.0 has been released. The main focus of this update was creating new game profiles and adding Geometry 3D to quite a few existing ones that were Z3D only before. Most notable additions are: The Hunter: Call of the Wild, Farming Simulator 2017, Conan Exiles, Final Fantasy XV, Unreal Tournament 3. Also various other […]