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    Hello Vorpx community hope everyone is good.

    Having a slight problem here with Arma2 and Vorpx.

    The game starts and all I can see is the games background animation, there is no menu UI ie Singleplayer, Multiplyer, Quit game etc.

    I have literally tried all the Vorpx settings ie Full VR mode etc and no luck, I’ve changed the games resolution and interface resolution to 4k, 1080, 720 and still no luck.

    What I can see is some sort of transparent square in the centre of the screen but there’s no UI or anything, just a blank transparent square?

    Has anyone got any idea why there’s no UI on this game? Is there some sort of 3D UI setting active?

    Thankyou for your time and hope to speak soon.


    No replies after a week?

    I fixed the issue by copying/pasting a new renamed ARMA2 exe which Vorpx now renders the HUD using a custom named profile, so the actual ARMA 2 Vorpx profile is broken.

    This is regarding ARMA 2 OA

    Why cant I change the Vorpx ARMA2OA profile? Why is it locked?

    Also there’s no mouse cursor what so ever using the new profile or the original profile, even in windowed mode its still the same.

    I rescaled the HUD elements so you can actually see the UI in the headset, but it resets everytime I quit the game.

    So can anyone here help us in fixing the cursor because its really difficult to navigate ingame.

    We have researched as much as possible regarding these issues and I cant find any answers as to why the cursor would vanish.

    Thanks again.


    We have contacted Vorpx regarding this issue and still no reply what so ever.

    Why is it even listed as compatable when clearly it isn’t.

    There’s even a post from 2014 with the same issue and no replies and that thread either.

    Here is the link.

    ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead: Cant click on anything

    Can anyone help us here please, there must be something in the profile which removes the mouse cursor seeing as the original Vorpx Arma2 profile removes the HUD aswell.

    If not then how do I refund this program seeing as even the devs don’t respond.


    The game has been checked last week after your reports. Unfortunately the issue could not be replicated here. The vorpX profile for the game supports a scalable 3D HUD, which seems to work as fine as ever. Also no other reports of this issue within the last five years or so since the profile was created as far as I remember.

    Please try to reset the profile to default in the config app and in case you have mods installed for your game, please try without any mods.

    In case the issue somehow related to vorpX’s scalable HUD option, switch to EdgePeek mode while using menus, which is generally good advice anyway.


    Thankyou very much for the reply.

    It must be something to do with the Steam version because we use the DVD version, on the last patch before it went to Steam. I believe its patch 1.60

    The main issue with the Steam version is that it literally breaks 90% of the Arma2 mods which are essential.

    Can I ask have you ever tested Vorpx on the DVD version of Arma2OA?

    If I could access the advanced settings I may be able to replicate the Arma2 Vorpx profile and create a new one for the DVD version. I believe I need to request a code?

    Thanks again.


    As said above please try without mods in case some of your mods cause a conflict. Unfortunately its not possible to test games with mods.

    To create a custom profile make a copy of the existing ARMA II profile, rename your game’s exe and assign the renamed .exe to your newly created custom profile. You can then use the shader authoring tools. You will lose DirectVR capabilities though for your custom profile, in case of ArmA II that mainly means the FOV won’t be adjusted automatically.

    A short introduction to shader authoring and instructions how to enable it can be found in the vorpX help.

    All in all you are probably better off using the Steam version without any interfering mods.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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