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    PS4 trailer : https://youtu.be/wnvGDtK5jjY

    I just picked up this game on fanatical bundle $1!(Now it expired. But not rare discounts these days) I didn’t know about the musician and didn’t have much expectations . But music and graphics are amazing also the play is fun.

    I checked what game engine is and it is Unity 4. I made a profile based on Ori and the Blind Forest DE.

    Wow, PERFECT. Nice G3D effects, smooth performance(You should set ‘exclusive full screen’ graphic option for performance). Cut scenes that sometimes pop up when you clear the stage is only be showed on the left lense but the cut scene is just cut scene and you can skip it so well playable. I’m playing on 3080ti with reverb g2, 4k resolution.

    I strongly recommend. Even on flat play, this is cool. All review rate is Overwhelmingly Positive.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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