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    Is Bioshock 2 original still the better option? Read somewhere that the remastered version crashes less but the game hint says original works better.


    think it might be something to do with the different Direct x, 9 in original, 11 in remaster??

    Would like an answer to this as well.


    Last i read from Ralf, nothing has changed. Then again, i’ve seen some posts about ppl having more problems with the original and that they didn’t got’em with the remaster.

    So i have no idea, an update on the matter from Ralf would be good i guess.


    Theoretically I would recommend the original in DX9 mode. As far as vorpX is concerned the original version still works better. Unfortunately it’s a bit crashy in certain areas.

    So if you experience frequent crashes with the original, the remaster is probably the better choice here (unlike Bioshock 1, where I can wholeheartedly recommend the original over the remaster).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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