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    I know it’s early :) but I’ve tried a few test profiles on this and I can’t make it work. It would be nice to have this in g3d like the original.


    Yea, It would nice to have a profile for this :) I canĀ“t make it hook :(


    This guy on youtube claims to have it working in fullVR. Not sure he mentions anything about it being 3D or not, but it looks like hooking should work.

    In case the game now uses dx12, try to switch to dx11. I haven’t researched this yet though.


    Its funny how it does not look like he has headtracking…


    I highly doubt this person knows what they’re doing. He launched the game without binding it to any profile – that or he’s bound it to the vanilla BL1 profile and did a DVR scan that failed head tracking. The head tracking is visibly dead. The G3D is almost certainly not working. I’d be one to think that “first party VR” at least has half decent head tracking, but this guy’s bar is rock-bottom low.

    Most of us can do a far better job of loading this game with VorpX including everyone who posted in this thread.


    Anyone have an update on this? I can’t get mine to start with GOTY when I copy the original profile but point it at the new exe.

    EDIT : I posted too soon. Found this:

    vorpX 19.2.0 Release Date and Changes

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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