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    … I honestly don’t know what I’m getting. So I’d like to ask some questions to decide for or against buying.

    1 – I have a Pimax4K with the Nolo for positionnal tracking. It’s steamVR compatible and front facing only. While reading around both this forum and pimax’s I saw some issues. Most of them dating from the begining of the year.
    So my question: Is there still issues and if so what should I expect.

    2 – Is there a kind of official manual I could consult to get a sense of how this system is used? (I couldn’t find one but maybe I’m not searching the good way)

    3 – How are games without profile handled does it use a default profile or does it fails to launch?

    4 – How easy/hard is it to make or tweak a profile?

    5 – Is the memory usage when the driver/software is idle low?

    6 – I expect performances loss when running the vr mode (seems logical to me), but how big is it?

    7 – Can you easily switch on/off vorpx ingame, is it even possible?

    8 – Now the same question of game?

    Now that’s about all the questions I can think for now, and if all those are answered this should give me plenty to think.

    Thanks in advance


    I can’t really say much re Pimax specifically, sorry. vorpX supports Steam VR, how good that works on a given headset mostly depends on how well Steam VR is implemented for that headset. One issue with the Pimax in the beginning was that it doesn’t have a proximity sensor, which lead to the screen going black after a while in vorpX. That has been addressed, otherwise I can’t say whether there maybe are other glitches in their Steam VR support. Haven’t heard anything in a while yet though, so I guess it’s OK now. Maybe someone with a Pimax can chime in.

    Games are very, very different regarding how they render graphics, so there is no simple answer to your profile related questions. In some cases it’s enough to copy an existing profile of a game based on the same engine. Works fairly well for Unreal Engine 3 games for example. In other cases that is not possible at all. Completely unsupported games are shown in 2D.

    The performance impact varies heavily, mainly depending on the 3D mode that is used by vorpX. There is a mode that renders everything twice like native apps (called G3D), which costs about 50% +/- 10%, and there is a post fx 3D mode (called Z3D), which is a lot faster, but doesn’t look as good. On top of that there is an additional VR-specific performance impact compared to monitor 3D since in a final step the image has to be rendered to the headset.


    I’m using Pimax for a long time with vorpx and there isn’t much difference to other HMDs. Its either game working good for all headsets or not, headset itself makes not much difference.
    I have also nolo, but i never tried it with vorpx. As i know there are not much games that would theoretically support body tracking (we really need a pinned thread with list of the games that support so called ‘native vr’ and explanation of the differences)
    p.s. i have also not tried vorpx with the latest version of pimax software. I use old version 1.1.92 with better steamvr support.


    Thanks for your answers. I was talking about nolo because I have the piplay version where the nolo drivers was included. So since it’s basically included in a beta version, this might have mattered.

    Thanks for your answers, I will ponder this, now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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