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    Hi everyone, I am new and tried my best with the search, and failed.

    Is it possible to create a custom cinema? I love the desktop viewer and the rooms are pretty cool, but having your own room would be even cooler.
    I am not talking editor, I get that this would be too complex, but creating a room in a 3D program should be doable.
    Somehow you must have gotten the default rooms in there.

    This would be awesome, I like the steam vr cinema for example. Except it is missing chairs and your cool ambience light.


    If you have some experience with 3D programs and want to do an environment yourself, shoot me a mail to support at vorpx com. You would have to follow some rules in regard to scaling and object placement, also the poly count has to be *really* low to keep the performance impact minimal, but I could provide you with guidelines in that regard.

    The actual integration into vorpX would have to be done by me since the scenes are built programmatically from individual objects in a vorpX specific file format exported from 3ds max. At some point down the road I might create full scene export/import from 3ds max to vorpX. Wouldn’t be overly difficult, currently that doesn’t exist though.

    If you come up with a cool scene, I’d be happy to do the integration work. You could even built it in Blender or whatever you prefer. Would have to be something original though, just copying the SteamVR theater is out of the question unfortunately, copyright and so on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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