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    Bit of a weird one:

    The standalone mod (latest version for 1.5 hotfix) works beautifully and smoothly when I install it, except for the fact that Vorpx still needs to adjust resolution / FOV / whatever else it changes (according to the message on screen). So I restart… and the game locks up at the first CDPR logo after the first title, with the Vorpx “beach and sky” backdrop still visible, before it can go fullscreen. I then need to kill it with the Task Manager.

    After that, the only way to make the game playable again is to uninstall the mod. I thought maybe Vorpx was making a change to the configuration that causes the game to immediately lock up, but once the mod is uninstalled, the game starts fine with all the changes (resolution, FOV) applied.

    Playing on RTX 3080, Threadripper 1950X, Oculus Quest 1 via Air Link (but the same happens with or without any headset connected). Clean install, no mods whatsoever, no overlays, disabled real-time protection.


    Normally setting the resolution automatically shouldn’t cause any issues at all, but if for some reason it does, you can disable that on first launch on the DirectVR page of the vorpX menu. Afterwards select a common 4:3 resolution in the game options manually.

    The catch is that this way you can’t select resolutions higher than your desktop res like the auto resolution can. So if you want to manually set a resolution larger than that, you have to add it first in the graphics driver control panel.


    Thanks! I’ll try that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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