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    I’m relatively new to VorpX. I bought it a couple months back for use with Half-Life when I couldn’t get it to work on its own with the DK2. But that never worked either. Now I’m trying with DS3 and having similar issues. Basically with VorpX launched and the DS3 configuration selected, the game boots up and I can see it in my DK2 but the image extends way past my periphery and the head tracking is bizarre, not even sure how to describe it. The feeling it gives when I’m in the start menu of the game is like my eyes are two inches away from the screen and turning my head moves the cursor around but I’m unable to actually look at the things I need to select. I very patiently used the gamepad to blindly start the game and see if it would be better once the action starts but that resulted in the same. Basically my eyes are a couple inches behind the character so all I see is his back and head tracking is all off. I assume there’s something else I need to configure other than just selecting the pre-configured settings for this game but I don’t know what. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?


    Did you read the Essential Game Hints in the vorpX help? Both topics are generally covered there.

    Head tracking has to be adjusted once per game according to the mouse sensitivity.

    The field of view (zoomed in) also has to be dealt with, either by setting it to something higher in the game or by using one of the workarounds that vorpX provides in case that isn’t possible. For some games that can be done automatically with the Game Optimizer in the config app, for others you have to do it manually. The options you have in this regard are listed in the Essential Game Hints from best to worst.

    Regarding Dead Space 3 specifically: I would recommend to play the game in Virtual Cinema Mode. For third person games that’s often the better choice compared to full VR. With the “Ambience” scene and the virtual screen moved a bit closer it feels almost as immersive as full VR, but is better suited for third person games which have the camera rotating around the player model.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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