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    Hi there, people. New guy here doing a little research.

    I have been wanting to play Dragons Dogma, a game I really like in my 2D days, but now I have VR I would really like to try it in VR. However, its really hard to find anyone`s experiences with this game in VorpX elsewhere, so four simple questions, if I may…

    I dont know all the terms you guys may use with VorpX so forgive me if I make some errors in terminology.

    1. Does Dragons Dogma in Vorpx allow full VR, by full Vr, I mean does it place you into the world properly, ie, your head HMD position in game is in place of the Hero`s head?

    2. Does it allow VR controls? (I actually dont mind if I have to run it all on Mouse keyboard.)

    3. Does it play reasonably well in this mode?

    4. Are there any serious problems that might make the game unplayable in this mode? Loss of headtracking position, loss of menus, etc?

    Thats it. Thanks for reading and/or answering.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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