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    So ive just got vorpx and i tried to load up battlefront 2(ea) though steam vr + WMR and its not working, one of several things will happen.
    1: i will be stuck in the steam vr page with it showing “star wars battlefrontii”
    Then under that it says “waiting” as in waiting to launch even if the desktop version has already loaded.
    2:if the game loads up i will then get a blue screen then turn off or it will just turn off or anything like this, it sometimes even closes the game completely.
    3: It will be stuck in the steam vr lobby room(i think thats whats its called the room with shelves on either side) and it won’t load up the game or it will flicker the screen between the lobby and the empty area with mountains in the background, and sometimes it will even be that im half way in the floor.
    4: sometimes when i try to load a game the screen will become extremely laggy and will sometimes flicker blue and/ or the screen will slowly start to rotate until its 100% upside down.
    5: this issue was ever apparent on star wars knights of the old Republic, none of the controls would work. Keyboard, mouse, vr controllers and even my xbox controller thats connected to my pc.

    Sorry i know its a big list of things but im sure theirs a eaay fox for this as ive probably over looked something.

    Also my windows 10 is up to date, my gpu drivers are up to date, ive uninstalled then restalled the drivers for WMR my gpu is a
    ROG strix 3070
    Im using the HP reverb G2
    Ram: 64gb ddr4
    Cpu: 3600xt
    2tb ssd

    Thank you


    Please try to run games windowed. There currently is a bug where vorpX can sometimes lose connection to the headset if a game gets minimized from fullscreen. Will be fixed in the next update.

    Your issue sounds like there is something more severe going on with your setup though.

    First please do the obvious stuff: checking whether Windows 10, GPU drivers, WMR, SteamVR etc. are up-to-date and ensuring that you don’t have anything overclocked on your PC. Playing games with vorpX is quite a bit more taxing than playing without. Overclocking is an absolute no-go.

    Also please *thoroughly* check for any potential conflicts with other software on your PC that might interfere, e.g. any sort of GPU/CPU utility or in general tools that can display overlays in games. The pinned trouble shooting guide on top of this sub forum has more details on the matter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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