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    Hey Ralf, tecently pimax annoinced the new 12k hmd which had greater fov and resolution, vonsidering that nowadays monitor can’t be set in such resolution, will you consider to work to make it work when the new hmd will be released?


    This is not how it works. Your headset’s resolution doesn’t matter. Game renders at the resolution you chose in the menu. Also it’s not actually going to be 12k. Just like the current 8k isn’t really 8k but 4k. They just called it 8k because it has 2 4k displays.


    This list was published in 2018, is it updated?


    Comments on Bioshock Infinite (using a i7-8700, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070Ti and a Valve Index):
    – While Direct VR scan works well, the image shifts too much when looking (e.g., when looking at a stationary item, it moves along with me when turning my head).
    To ‘combat’ this, I ultimately had to lower the image zoom to around 0.45 to achieve a relatively stable image. This gives significant black borders on all sides (changing to letterbox while in Full VR, or even Immersive Mode did not provide any better results).
    – With the above being said, the game looks absolutely gorgeous.

    I guess it is kind of funny as playing Bioshock 2 Remastered (the DX9 version of Bioshock 2 kept crashing on me for some reason), the image held steady at 1.00 image zoom, but did not look as good as Bioshock 2 DX9 version.


    Wonder if Nvidia would make an offer one day

    Useful List !

    Replying to this 3 years later, with hind sight. If nVidia did buy vorpx. They woukd have killed it by now like they did with 3DVision.


    This list was published in 2018, is it updated?

    I was going to ask the same question, but seeing as CP2077 is on there I’m going to say yes.


    I see alien colonial marines is on the list, i bought it today for £5 after reading this list, & elsewhere on these forums a recommendation for it by Ralf.
    Can i say, thanks Ralf!
    After running the directvr scan and changing my dominant eye to right, this game looks like native vr, im so pleased to see it, and the game itself looks decent (ive applied the templar mod).


    I tried Black Mesa – are you sure that counts as one of the “Good Full VR Games for Beginners”?
    UI is only on the left eye, and pretty much unreadble.
    The resolution is crap – at 2560×1080 just a bit better than on 800*600. If i use a custom resolution, i cannot click apply, or the pointer just simply disappears.
    Maybe it’s just my expectations, i don’t know, but i haven’t seen a *single* game working as expected since i bought vorpx a year ago. Very disappointing.


    Only the initial menu is shown in one eye, the actual game HUD works perfectly well. The game uses some weird DX9/11 hybrid approach for the menu since about a year or so. If you find the menu too annoying, add ‘-oldgameui’ to the game’s launch options in Steam. That will bring back the original DX9 menu, which is displayed in both eyes.

    Resolution: please read the instructions in the top/left corner of the game window. For Black Mesa a 4:3 res is mandatory to avoid graphics glitches. You can run games at any resolution, a typical choice would e.g. be 1920×1440, with a halfway decent GPU even super crisp 3200×2400 shouldn’t be an issue for Black Mesa.

    If your monitor does not support resolutions that high, check the ‘Custom Resolutions’ section in the vorpX help. It has a step-by-step guide that explains how to add unsupported resolutions.

    BTW: Unless indicated otherwise 4:3 is always the aspect ratio of choice for FullVR mode, even if not mandatory. Widescreen resolutions are a waste of GPU resources for FullVR, would render pixels that aren’t displayed in the headset.


    ‘-oldgameui’ helped, big time, and no more disappearing pointer on custom resolution – thank you!
    The rest is still to resolve, but i didn’t mean to hijack this topic, maybe later in an other one… Thanks, anyway!


    I would really like to try GTA5 in VR

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