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    From time to time the depth buffer data that is required for the stereo 3d effect doesn’t seem to be available after the program starts. This is being looked into. Workaround: if you experience that, [ALT][TAB] to the desktop and then back into the game should reliably solve the issue.


    Still no joy! No z-normal or z-adaptive stereo. I have tried alt tabbing, Vorpx reinstall, Nvidia Driver reinstall (version 353.06). Something has changed for me between the new GTX480ti and the update to GTA5. Anyway if you find any feedback from others having trouble with these changes I’ll be eagerly watching. I may try to swap back to my 780ti and see if that makes a difference.

    Alt tabbing does restore the regular NVidia stereo when it stops but not Vorpx and Occulus.


    Just a little note
    MSAA seems to kill the 3d-Z,3d lost completely solved for me,after MSAA off in GTA5.

    After this, program settings flawless widescreen FOV with some adjustment+vorpx ingame menu,and HUD mod cylonsurfer, this became gta 5 great experience vr for me.


    Thanks grumdark for the suggestion on MSAA however it still wont kick in to stereo 3d. I am not sure the 3d-z is working in other games either for me. Is farCry 4 a zbuffer game? If it is I also get no 3d. Also no luck with Metro 2033 redux. Geometry works fine where that is applicable. As you can see, I bought a lot of games on Steam’s summer sale to try with Vorpx :). So far Mirrors edge works well in geometry as well as Borderlands. I guess I could switch those to z-3d and see what happens. ill report back once I try them.


    Currently,I have problems with 3d z buffer(z Normal/z-adaptative)in two games,
    these games are far cry 4 and Battlefield 4.
    Far Cry 4 certainly shows no 3d for me,never.
    Battlefield 4 produces a flicker every few seconds or interference,causing loss of 3d,even vorpx ingame menu.
    These errors are reported,but we are waiting for some solution.

    On the Metro titles,the situation for me is:
    Metro 2033 standard version:
    3D Geometry in dx9 (Yes) 3D Geometry in DX11(No)
    3D Z-normal/adaptative DX9(Yes) 3D Z-normal/adaptative in DX11(Yes)

    Metro Last Light standard(complete edition):
    Geometry in DX9(No) Geometry in DX11(No)Also causes blackscreen in DX9(vorpx)
    3d Z-Normal/adaptative in DX9(No) DX11(Yes)
    This tittle,clearly need revision to vorpx geometry.

    Metro 2033 redux:
    Geometry in DX9(No) Geometry in DX11(No)
    3D Z-normal/adaptative in DX9(Yes) 3D Z-normal/adaptative in DX11(Yes)

    Metro Last Light redux:
    3D Geometry in DX11(No)
    3D Z-Normal/adaptative in DX11(Yes)

    All tested on i7 3770K oc4,2 and NVIDIA GTX 980 g1 gaming,oculus rift dk2,
    Windows 8.1


    That’s a great help…now I know where to expect it to work.

    Anyway regarding GTA5 I have had a breakthrough by going back to a previous version. 3d-z works fine now. The problem is I don’t see any option to prevent it from updating for this game and GTA5 wont let you play offline (due the stupid social club). So I am expecting it to break when it updates again. I do have a copy to revert to. Am I the only one having problems in GTA5 with the latest update? If so I have to look further for a cause. I do have a few mods which may be affecting things..


    Same problem for me. Stereo 3d is gone and I all the things recommended above do not help. how did you rollback to the previous version of gta?


    Well I had a copy of the folder from before I installed the cops modification and hud for occulus mods. Without a previous folder I don’t know how you can do it.


    I sure hope Ralf can get this working again if it is in fact broken with the latest GTA update. As far as I am concerned it is a better example of the possibilities of VR than most of the new VR games being announced at E3. Third person VR really doesn’t do much for me. So unless they create some immersive worlds like GTA I am happy to play with my DK2 and GTA5 until then. Thanks Ralph for making VR possible with these games. Too bad they seem to get messed up with updates. Right now mine is working great with the previous version and my new GTX980TI makes it smooth as silk. Is there any chance this will ever run in geometry mode? The Geometry mode in Skyrim is fantastic. Can only imagine GTA5 w geometry 3d.


    Me too! Hope this gets fixed. I miss playing already


    Hi, Ralf and everyone.

    I bought Vorpx 2 days before and try to launch it with GTA V on my Asus with Intel+GeForce 650M card. I set OR like primary, in GTA V set run in 2nd monitor and after launch had error. I try to relaunch game in safe mode, but after that I have “stereo” effect without Vorpx menu. Can you help me please to figure out how I can launch game on laptop?

    I try Burnout Paradise and it’s works fine: menu, 3d depth.


    Update gta 5:

    The latest update of the game,completely broken vorpx support for me.
    I have no 3d,a broken also use flawless widescreen program and I can not add more fov the maximum allowed by the game.

    Additionally, also broken my settings to the mod cylonsurfer, I’m not sure if the latter could be solved with a reinstall of the mod.

    Summary: Rockstar Games, not only do not help at all with support for rift, either together to improve the FOV and HUD, instead, absolutely break all the solutions achieved by the comunidad.Gran applause for this stupid behavior.

    Ralf question:Is it possible to fix the support with an upgrade of vorpx to work again in this latest version of the game?


    A hotfix that restores 3D for the latest GTA V version is available now.

    To get the hotfix, simply reinstall vorpX using your web installer. No other changes, this basically is version 0.81 with some changes to the GTA V profile.

    You may still have to ALT-TAB to desktop and back into the game if 3D is missing after starting the game.

    If you don’t have a copy of your web installer anymore, please send a mail to support |at| vorpx com.

    All new purchasers beginning from today (June 27, 2015) automatically get this hotfix.


    Thanks Ralf. Now if flawless widescreen gets their act together to work with the new GTA version I can let the steam update monster loose again. GTA5 with VORPX gets my vote for one of the best DK2 VR immersions available right now!


    Ok,thank Ralf for the small update.
    GTA 5 returns to work in 3d z-normal correctly for me.

    We expect an update of the program flawless widescreen,but while,I downloaded the latest version of fov mod gta 5,works properly.

    I only need to make minor adjustments in the file:
    FOV settings mod Fov.ini
    Walking = 89
    Car = 95
    Aiming = 89
    Crouching = 89
    ADS = 89

    In the settings vorpx(menu ingame vorpx),I have selected:
    3d reconstruction:z-normal
    zoom:83-85 approx.

    I just need to fix the HUD (minimap,subtitles etc) with HUD mod cylonsurfer.
    This mod re-positions the in-game UI and Radar so they are visible while playing GTAV in VR with dk2.

    GTAV-R HUD – A Modified GTA V UI & Minimap with optimized text for DK2 usage.

    I will soon try reinstalling the HUD mod again,to check if it works correctly now,otherwise, I will try to communicate somehow with cylonsurfer to inform.

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