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    Confirmed: Vorpx is now working properly for me with gta 5,and also works perfectly with these two mod (fov / HUD) during the singleplayer campaign.


    Guys, does anyone launch GTA V with DK2+Vorpx on laptop?


    Guys, does anyone launch GTA V with DK2+Vorpx on laptop?

    I did! Specs:
    HP 8730W
    i7-3630qm cpu @ 2.4 Ghz (good enough)
    HD radeon 7700M (gpu 40% overclocked, mem 15% overclocked)

    With vorpx driver and , running 1920*1080 all graphicsettings as low as possible, I get 40 fps.

    Question: Anyone knows where the seperation (3d strength) can be put at above the 2.00 maximum that is possible from the ingame menu(when i press del) . For my liking(letting it look as real as possible) even the maximum 2.00 setting is way too low.
    Thanks in advance


    sadly won’t be getting this game at all I’ll just have to suffer with my 360 version of the game. only have half a gig video card, 7.6 gigs of ram (god enough for minimum) no money means cannot buy upgrades

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    Any info about how the new vorpx update works with GTAV? I would die if I could play it with timewarp and low persistance on. Is this possible now?


    It seems to be locked into a virtual cinema type experience for me, even though virtual cinema mode is off. Not sure how to switch it to full VR.


    To go full vr in game turn off vr cinema then change the aspect to 1:1, also the fov mod still works. I also turned off any vorpx gamepad stuff and saved and restarted with my older work around. Works like a charm! There’s a bunch of other settings to adjust in the game menus too, for the newer peeps out there. Spectator mode works great too and runs smooth.


    Please could anyone help me with the FOV mods?

    I have a nVidia 980Ti and running Windows 8.1. VorpX 0.9, Oculus runtime 0.8.

    I can get GTA V to run with VorpX but I can’t get it running if either FOV mod is enabled – either the flawless widescreen, or a ‘dsound’ dll mod.

    If I try to run GTA V with a FOV mod installed I just hear a few initial sounds – a smash and a gunshot then it crashes. GTA then offers me a safe mode. Sometimes I can run in safe mode but as soon as I try to change the display settings back to 1920×1080, or back to full screen, it crashes again.

    Is there anything I can do to get the FOV fixes working with VorpX?

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Hi all :)

    Is there a way to keep head tracking ON but NOT have it effect your steering when driving? It has taken me AGES to get vorpx, DK2 & GTA 5 working as I want it but cant get past the final phase of the car/bike etc ‘auto steering’ when i move my head! If I turn head tracking off the its like I am not ‘in’ the game but am sitting a few rowes back at the cinema and can see the edges of the ‘movie screen’ instead :(

    I just want to be ‘in’ the darn game and control the car with my 360 controller NOT my head!!!

    Any advice plz? Thank you :)


    This should not be the case normally. Please make sure to restore all input settings to default in both GTA V and vorpX. With default settings you steer with the left stick and can look around with the head tracking.

    In vorpX you can restore game profiles to their default settings on the trouble shooting page of the vorpX config app.


    Hi Ralf.

    I’m having a similar controller issue. I’m using and xbox 360 controller and I non of the buttons do anything except for the sticks for movement and looking. however now if I push the left stick too far in any direction it throws a melee attack as well. Are there any detailed instructions about mapping and how your new controller override works? Thanks. before the new vorpx update everything was working fine.


    Same answer answer as above: reset all input settings to default in both GTA V and vorpX.

    With default settings in vorpX 0.9 buttons are handled by GTA5 and can be mapped in the GTA5 options while vorpX overrides the thumbstick axes.


    Hi Ralf, many thanks for your reply.
    I tried what you said but am still stuck with cars/bikes etc ‘auto steering’ when i move my head. Do you have any other ideas please, thank you.


    I’m having the same problem as ears here.
    I’ve been avoiding the new runtime update as it was causing older demos to not work properly, this also included VorpX. VorpX was working fine with GTA before the update, but then the update killed it. So I even tried updating the Runtime, and now I have the same problem as Ears.
    When I use the 6.01 Runtime, it’ll work, how ever, the screen goes black, and I can’t see anything until I alt + tab, which causes the game to go into window mode and it freezes the screen. If I alt + tab to the game, it goes back to be a black screen.
    Is there no way for me to downgrade to a previous version of VorpX? Being forced to update is kind of frustrating when trying to troubleshoot with these kind of things.

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