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    This mod re-positions the in-game UI and Radar so they are visible while playing GTAV in VR. The UI has been scaled down to 60% of its original size & many of the HUD elements have been changed from ‘Pure White’ to ‘Green’ in order to make in-game text more legible. This includes Mission text, Subtitles, Street / Area / Vehicle Names & Help messages.

    The Mini Map / Radar has been scaled down from it’s original size to make it less intrusive. It has also been repositioned to bottom left corner of your vision.

    Known Issues
    – Character Select Wheel is not visible on screen
    – Store Menu not correctly positioned
    – Various non essential UI elements are offscreen

    *Use VORPX’s Edge Peek function to view these UI components*


    Open IV version 2.6 or above


    This mod has not been tested in GTA V Online. Using this mod online may result in you being banned from GTA V online – You have been warned, use this mod at your own discretion.


    1. Install OpenIV
    2. Run OpenIV, choose ‘GTA V – Windows’ and then browse to the following location using the left hand navigation menu:
    GTA V > update > update.rpf > Common > Data > UI
    3. Click File > & enable ‘Edit Mode’ (install Scripthook + ASI file if prompted)
    4. Drag frontend.xml to a safe location on your PC’s hard drive for backup purposes
    5. Unpack Frontend.rar
    6. Drag Frontend.xml (the one extracted from Frontend.rar) to:
    GTA V > update > update.rpf > Common > Data > UI
    7. Close OpenIV and run GTAV with a FOV mod of your choosing

    Suggested VORPX / FOV Settings

    – FOV: 120 Degrees
    – VORPX Zoom: 87~
    – Scale: Pixel 1:1


    CylonSurfer,thank you very much for this mod.
    I’m testing it right now (in singleplayer mode) and it works quite well.
    In addition to solving visible minimap, you have made it possible to read subtitles, and this was very important for the language in my country and others languajes. Simply fantastic.

    For me, singleplayer is now fully playable thanks to you.
    I wish I had a chance to 3D geometry (soon future) … this would be perfect for me;) sorry my english :P
    Greetings and 100% grateful.


    No problem mate. I’m happy that it has helped you out. Thanks for the feedback regarding the subtitles being green – I didn’t know if that change would be well received or not.


    Jap wanna drop my props here too ! Nice work mate ! Really appreciate that fix we were all waiting for ! Finally GTA V is now fully playable with the Rift !


    Thanks CyclonSurfer!


    Thanks! Can’t wait to get back and give this a go! Should make for a much better experience then pausing every few blocks to check the map. Good work dude!


    Thanks for this Cyclon; this is a very big improvement!
    Now truly able to play missions with my DK2 :-)
    We all owe a lot to guys like you!

    Some questions;
    – for my eyes some text is still a bit small to read; can text size be customized too?
    – I noticed that the cross-hair for the gun (white dot) is not in the correct position; but this might have to do with my FOV mod or GTA itself.
    But maybe, you have an idea about that.

    FOV mod I am using:

    FOV mod Fov.ini settings
    Walking = 89
    Car = 95
    Aiming = 89
    Crouching = 89
    ADS = 89



    Hi CylonSurfer,
    Fantastic mod but it seems to not work anymore (because of the last GTAVR mod or the new 8:9 resolutions, I don’t know).
    Are you still working on it, by any chance ?


    @CylonSurfer. Thank you so much! This mod is amazing–it’s made things so much easier. No offense to the peek feature, but after the 100th time it gets intrusive to the gameplay real bad; not to mention it breaks immersion for me. Endorsed!


    i tried out and minimap is out of screen, so I edited this mod and found that aiming is completely inaccurate… so I edited original file based on the mod and here is result

    (minimap, subtitles only)

    now you can see minimap clearly in full VR and subtitles are bigger – if you want change font color to green then easy edit yourself

    as always sorry for english

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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