Has anyone else been denied their key or is it just me?

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    My C Drive failed and I had to reinstall Windows, and recently decided to try SC in VR needed an activation and got this email in response…

    Hello Thomas,

    Unfortunately your license from 2015 is not eligible for new installs anymore.

    vorpX only works on the headset you are using today and with today’s games because we are constantly updating and improving it. The vorpX you purchased back then would be entirely useless by now.

    In our original terms we promised free updates for 0.x and 1.x versions, i.e. for about two years. Instead – as our way to say thanks to early supporters like you – updates were free for almost a decade. After 9 years of free support, we now have to ask you to purchase another license though.

    Our continuous work can’t be free forever. Thanks for your understanding!

    Kind regards,
    The vorpX team

    I’ve never seen anything like this from any software company it seems VERY unprofessional, I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve recommended vorpx to on my streams, now I’d hesitate tbh,

    So… well who’s next? The people that brought in 2016 2017 2018 etc
    We need some clarification on this or switch to a subscription model…

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