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    Hello All, i have oculus quest2 with official cable and oculus link
    I have this issue, when i launch vorpx desktop , i have the left lens on my oculus quest2 is freeze in black (the rigth lens work good) in cinema mode and 3D mode …. only the immersive mode look like better and i can see the menu when i press DEL.
    but i can not see my desktop or my game …. only the planet and black screen in imersive mode.
    i have a razer laptop with rtx3080 I9 and 32Go of ram.
    I launc oculus app , after steamvr , after vorpx and after vorpx desktop.
    in vorpx menu i try steam vr mode , oculus mode and other….but nothing work .
    thank to help me :)


    To use the desktop viewer on a laptop you have disable the integrated GPU. Normally the desktop runs on the integrated GPU and the PC only switches to the RTX3080 for games. The desktop viewer can’t copy the image from one GPU to the other. So since your headset is connected to the RTX3080 you have to make sure that the desktop also runs on the RTX3080.


    thank you to your reply. i desactivate allready my integrated GPU and i launch vorpx desktop without steam vr and i think its good now , but im blocked now by Easy anti cheat ^^
    youtube , this forum and google are my new best friend ^^

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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