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    Just got vorpx for the sole purpose of playing WoW with my Oculus rift. I watched tutorials, trouble shooted, did all that for around 4 hours now. I’m currently doing this…

    1. opening oculus
    2. opening configure vorpx
    3. going to cloud profiles
    4. importing “world of warcraft/vorpx”
    5. clicking apply and close
    6. starting world of warcraft
    7. putting my oculus headset on and staring at the oculus home menu

    it only works if i use vorpx desktop mode, and that just shows me my 2d desktop screen. someone either help me or blow my brains out.


    Maybe the game is not using the required API. Please make sure that the ‘Graphics API’ setting in the game options is set to ‘DirectX 11 Legacy’ (under Menu > System > Advanced).

    Normally vorpX should take care of that automatically, but maybe that failed for some reason.

    Also, just in case: always launch the current version from the WoW launcher, older versions played on custom servers may (and probably will) not work corectly.


    Hi Ralf. I am using Directx 11 Legacy, and have been launching from the battle net launcher. still nothing.


    I understand that you already did go through the trouble shooting steps, but this almost certainly is some kind of hooking conflict then. Ideally disable everything running in the background.

    Did vorpX show a dialog that says ‘Attaching to: wow.exe’? If so, in case of a hooking fail after a while (about 30secs) this dialog should offer an option to install a hook helper to the game folder. That should be the first thing to try.

    Apart from that: if you use any other AV program than Windows Defender, please try to remove it for testing purposes. Unfortunately some more annoying AV programs can’t be disabled unless you remove them. Windows Defender will kick in instead, so there is no risk involved. Third party AV is pretty much unnecessary in Windows 10.

    If you happen to use a gaming laptop or some other dual GPU setup, please also (re-)check the related section in the trouble shooting guide. Desktop viewer working, but hooking into a game not working sounds a bit like a HMD-connected-to-wrong-GPU-problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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