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    Good afternoon. I have a powerful computer with an rtx 4090 video card and an HP Reverb G2. I have the latest VorpX Beta installed. I’m trying to play games using Virtual Desktop, usually its default resolution on Windows display settings is 2500×1440, but when I change it to 3200×2400, games always crash when loading or don’t start at all. On the previous version of vorpx, I changed the desktop resolution and set it to the appropriate one in the game and it was great. On the Beta version, I can’t do this either – when I change the screen resolution to 4:3, the game crashes and VMR then can’t find the headset, I have to take the cable out of the computer and reconnect it. All that remains is to play in a small resolution, please tell me what I can press to get 4k in the ratio 1:1 or 4:3. Thank you in advance.

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