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    New to vorpx. Here’s my issue:

    When I load a game for the first time, it will open fine, vorpx informs me that I will need to restart for some of the settings to take hold (like resolution). When i go to restart and reopen the game (in this case, Prey 2017, but the issue seems to be for all games), my vive display will go black, and the game will only load on my monitor. The vive controls still work and even the headtracking still works, but there’s no headset display.

    I’m pretty sure the issue is being caused by a problem switching resolutions. If i reset the game profile, the game will open just fine again, although its in 1920×1080, which obviously isnt good for VR, cause I can’t see the sides of the screen. If I try to change the resolution in-game, the display will again drop out of my headset.

    I’m not sure if my headset is just not accepting alternate resolutions, or if this is an issue with vorpx specifically.

    Any advice?


    You can disable the auto resolution feature per game on the DirectVR page of the vorpX ingame menu if it causes in issue for you, and then set a resolution manually prior to running the game with vorpX. For a Vive 4:3 resolutions are typically recommended.

    Make sure to check the ‘Custom Resolutions’ section in the vorpX help if you want to use resolutions that your monitor does not support normally.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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