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    I did have GTA5 mods installed at some point, but I’ve redownloaded Gta5 via steam to another location after steam deinstall, and deleted the stuff in my documents folder, including the save games.
    Are there any weird files or something in the %user% folders I should take care off?
    Or in registry?

    I have vortex installed btw, but didn’t run it for months


    Thanks Ralf, will try :D


    I tried running RDR2 on an older Windows 10 version (I have Win 10 on an SSD drive and the old Win 10 on a HDD). It runs perfectly on the old one


    Finally got it to attach using the alternate hookup on the general page. So I have the Rockstar version. The controls are really causing an issue for me, though. I am using an Oculus Quest 2. Should I be using the SteamVR profile or Oculus profile? And are people using the gamepad or motion controllers and if using the motion controllers, how should I set up the button mapping? Any help is much appreciated.


    vorpX should automaticallly install a hook helper for RDR2 on first launch normally, doesn’t work without that.

    For Oculus headsets always select Oculus (or OpenXR, which in the future will superseed the vendor specific APIs), SteamVR should only be used for native SteamVR games like Index or Vive.

    You shouldn’t have to tinker with any controller mappings, they are supposed to function as gamepad in RDR 2. The control scheme is VR oriented and a bit different than the normal monitor controls. No strafing, which always feels somewhat unnatural in VR, instead you can move and turn with just the left stick.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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