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    I purchased Outlast seeing as it was a game on the list labeled “full VR” with the hope that I could build some baseline expectations on what things COULD look like with enough tweaking….. without having to tweak much since I am still new to the software.

    I am fully invested in the fact that this is new tech and some games may require a LOT of adjustment, but I was hoping some other users could confirm a few things for me so I do not drive myself crazy trying to fix what is operating as expected…

    – Graphics on Outlast are extremely low resolution and increasing things in Oculus Tool Tray does not seem to make much of a difference
    – My camera will never be decoupled from the direction I am aiming so I can “look around” like I might in a native VR game no matter how much I tweak things.
    – When I look from left to right, the geometry warps and bends in the middle of the screen (this makes it very hard to enjoy even with really strong VR legs from using smooth turn/walk in every other game I play)
    – Using the hotkey for FOV adjustment does not seem to change anything… I am using default bindings.


    For better image quality you have to raise the game’s resolution not the Oculus resolution. For FullVR games a 4:3 resolution like 1920×1440 is a good choice. If your PC does not support this resolution, check the Custom Resolution section in the vorpX help. It contains a step-by-step guide regarding adding custom resolutions.

    FOV is handled by adjusting some values in the game’s ini files. If that fails, please check whether you maybe have forbidden apps to access your documents folder (e.g. in the Windows options). The game stores its .ini files below the documents folder.

    Decoupling the camera from the walking direction is out of vorpX’s scope. That’s something that has to be supported by a game, one (rare) example would be Arma III with TrackIR tracking.


    Thank you for the reply, I will play around with it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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