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    as said in subject, eager to try the new profiles but when I search the cloud profiles they all seem to be from 18.3.0 at most, and I can’t see any of the profiles that only came out for 19.1.0 like Arkham Knight, or use any of the G3D profiles that have been added. Seems like my cloud profiles page still thinks it is version 18.3.0. Any ideas? thanks!


    You already have the new profiles in your local profile database. No need to download them from the cloud. Accessing cloud profiles usually is only required when you want to download profiles made by other users.

    Unless something went wrong, you should see the new games in your “Local Profiles” list in the vorpX config app.

    Thanks for heads-up though. I forgot to update the cloud profiles yesterday.


    thanks for the quick reply – I’ve a feeling something must have happened on my end when I was updating it yesterday – I just used my web installer there to reinstall VorpX and it all seems to be there now in the local profiles/cloud profiles. will test in a game shortly to see if the profiles are there now. Cheers for all your hard work!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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