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    Gamepad emulation on the vive controller works great… but if possible, a few more options to customize the vive buttons would be excellent.

    By default the right trackpad is the right stick and the toggle map button switches it to x, b a y. Can an option be added that flips it so that the right trackpad default setting is A, B, X, Y and the map toggle switches it to right stick. In “room scale” the right stick is not needed since I turn with my body.

    Currently the left and right trackpad emulate the left and right joysticks on a gamepad by touch. Can the touch be disable and have them function only on pressing? You lose the click button but some might want to give that up for press movement.

    Can the max joystick input be capped somehow? (to slow the player down)

    The more individual buttons that can be customized the better. I get there are probably good reasons why some of this can’t be done. Just wanted put in the request.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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