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    and now the wait :D

    My Rift arrived today and Vorpx is at the top of my list


    When will we be able to buy this/try this?


    Soon I hope. I had limited success with Dirt 2/3 with another solution so really want to try a proper racer with VorpX :)


    Just read the piece on Road to VR.

    Great work mate.

    Superb effort.

    Will be spending some money with you soon

    The best



    Just read the article, too.
    Looking great so far and I hope you will decide to release at least early access soon.

    One quick and important point though:

    While watching the pictures and videos on my Rift (A-Cups, screen all the way in, I clearly noticed the edges of the Rift-screen section VorpX uses.
    Will there any possibility to increase the used section?


    (ok had to make new account for some reason my posts were not showing up at all..) I really dont understand why you havent released it yet. You said about 2 months ago that VorpX would come out not long after the dev kits started shipping and you got yours. however its been two months and you have had yours for what a month now? We really dont care if its not perfect we would be happy to pay for the beta and then get the final version…considering lets be honest that theirs not that much games that support the rift right now this would be a huge boost. Please dont turn into one of those perfectionists who has to feel the software has to be “perfect” before he releases it. I am sure if you sold it today people would be happy with it. Please please try to come out with it within the next two weeks. and also you really, really need to update your website if nothing else provide a link to the articles from roadtovr ….or something. :-( thanks!


    Don’t worry about Vorpx so much. Use this instead…



    Congratulations on a great writeup on Road to VR Ralf! Best of luck with getting your work out there :-)


    Sali Ralf!

    Klingt vielversprechend dein Programm! Kanns net abwarten , aber erst muss
    noch meine Rift ankommen ;) *stöhn*

    Beste Grüße ausm Süden


    Sorry but Vorpx looks alot better then Vireio.

    Got my rift this week and can’t wait to try out Vorpx.

    Vireio works ok but I wouldn’t consider it playable.


    @Lama when did you order your Rift, just so i can get an idea about how long it will be until i have mine.


    Hi Ralf. Great job so far on the driver. I was watching some of the videos posted by RoadtoVR on youtube and had a question about the size of the circles you’re using. When watching the videos on my Rift (A cups) I could easily see the whole outer circle. It was if I was looking through binoculars. This has not been an issue so far with most other games, drivers or tech demos. Will there be a way to increase the size of the Circles so I don’t get a black ring around the images? It is very detrimental to the FOV and therefore the level of immersion. I really love the DOOM 3 BFG mod that is out there but have the same issue with the image not being rendered to the sides of the screen. It feels like I’m playing with blinders on. Maybe I can see more of the screen then others but when the image being rendered is taking up a larger portion of the screen it makes a big difference. Thanks.


    Yeah, I originally hoped it would be possible to find a good one size fits all visible area, but obviously it’s not. Making the circles just larger, so that they are perfect for you has a negative effect for others and vice versa.

    So there will be a setting to adjust the size of the visible area to everyones eyesight perfectly.


    Hello Ralf! VorpX will support SLI, Crossfire? Little hope, but all the same I decided to ask …


    Hi Ralph,

    I’m receiving my Rift somewhere this month. When do you think your (beta)driver will be available?


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