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    Hi Guys

    I played WoW classic since release but after ~2 weeks the 3D reconstruction isnt working anymore. I can Play in cinema mode but only in 2D. I did test WoW retail and it worked without any problems so it must be a WoW classic only problem.
    There was a WoW update and a vorpX update and I dont know wich of them couse the problem. I think there is some problem with the hooking method but also the alternativ one isnt solving anything. I dint touch anything else so no driver updates or anything else.
    Maybe someone have a similar issue and know the solution.

    Many Thanks


    I believe WoW classic uses a different .exe name (wowclassic.exe vs. wow.exe), so vorpX can’t recognize it. I had originally planned to check the classic version before 20.1.0, but ran out of time. Will happen early next year.

    For now you can try this (no guarantee that it works though):


    Rename your wowclassic.exe to wow.exe and see whether that works.


    1. Open the “Local Profiles” page in the vorpX config app.
    2. Make a copy of the WoW profile, keep special shaders.
    3. Assign wowclassic.exe to the newly created profile.

    WoW has to be run with the graphics API set to “D3D11 Legacy”, otherwise 3D definitely doesn’t work. For the normal WoW vorpX handles that automatically, for your custom classic profile you would have to do it yourself.

    If the above works, it would be great if you could share your profile for others in the vorpX cloud, ideally including the “D3D11 Legacy” hint in the description.


    Checked the classic version today and updated the cloud profile after confirming it works. You can now simply download the ‘World of WarCraft [vorpX]’ profile from the cloud to get classic support. Will also be included in the next vorpX update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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