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Third-Person Games in VR

As promised, todays post is (hopefully) a little bit more interesting for those who are more interested in playing games than in technical details. One of the things that really amazed me while working on vorpX was (and is) how well third-person games work on a Rift-like headset, since that is totally counterintuitive at first […]

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vorpX’s Sense of Scale

A sense of scale and proportions is important in many ways. It’s useful when you want to estimate distances, it’s pretty useful when you are handling business affairs, and of course it’s a very important thing in games. Since in games (and VFX in general) it would be impossible to build everything in the correct […]

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Some Details About vorpX

March is coming closer and thus the Oculus Rift developer kit. Time for some details about what you can expect from vorpX, I guess. There’s much more going on than in a ‘normal’ 3D-driver. And as far as I’m concerned, otherwise the whole thing woudn’t make much sense at all. I’m quite confident you will […]

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