vorpX 0.8.1 Available Now


vorpX 0.8.1 has been released.

If you already own vorpX, it should auto-update when you start vorpX Control next time. If it doesn’t for some reason, simply use the web installer that you received when you purchased vorpX. It will download the latest version available.

If you don’t own vorpX yet, you can buy it here:

This is a maintenance release that fixes a few bugs and adds preliminary support for Grand Theft Auto V. Work on this will continue in the next weeks.

Check this post for more information about the latest big release 0.8.0 a week ago, which added quite a few new features and games.


Full changelog vorpX 0.8.1


- EdgePeek now has ambience background per default, can be switched back to black
  if required (expert option)


- FSX black screen (post 0.7.5 regression)
- COW: AW black screen when game starts (post 0.7.5 regression)
- Max Payne 3 (DX11) loops forever at "Initializing"
- Grand Theft Auto V loops forever at "Initializing"

Added Stereo 3D Profiles:

- Grand Theft Auto V (for now Z3D only)

Stereo 3D Profile changes/fixes:

- FSX: G3D menu corruption fixed
- Crysis: Profile wasn't loaded for 64bit version

Game Settings Optimizer Profiles:

- Crysis: Profile added
- Grand Theft Auto V: Profile added

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