vorpX let’s you experience DirectX9-12 and some older OpenGL games on your VR headset. It is designed from ground up for Meta Quest, Valve Index and any SteamVR/OpenXR compatible headset. Additionally to ‘making games 3D’ it offers various features to tackle many of the issues that arise when playing games on a VR headset that are not designed for it.

Game Support for DirectX 9, 10, 11, 12 and (pre shader) OpenGL

vorpX comes with true Stereo 3D profiles for more than 250 games, many more titles work as unsupported games without Stereo 3D, but many other features like headtracking available. The list of officially supported games can be found here.


DirectVR is a collection of several techniques that provide VR compatibility for ‘normal’ games with as little need for user interaction as possible. Direct VR can for example optimize game settings, choose an optimized resolution, adjust the camera FOV or provide perfect low latency head tracking. At least one Direct VR feature is available for currently more than 150 games.

VR Controller Support

You can play games with classic input methods like mouse and keybord or your gamepad, but also with your VR controllers. vorpX can map normal game controls to the VR controllers and displays the current mapping in VR, making this highly intuitive.

Multiple Play Styles

While first person games usually are best played in FullVR mode, vorpX also offers play styles that are a better fit for third person games (Immersive Screen) or even sports/strategy games (Cinema).

Cloud Based User Settings and Profiles

Easily share and import settings and even profiles for games that vorpX does not officially support directly from within the vorpX config app.

Free Desktop Viewer

With the vorpX Desktop Viewer you can operate your PC in your VR headset. Browse the Web, make a Skype call, watch videos, or even write a text on a virtual screen. The vorpX Desktop Viewer makes it possible. (Windows 8 or better required for this feature).

Watch Videos and 3D Movies

vorpX comes with special profiles for two of the most popular video players, VLC and MPC-HC. You can play any 2D or 3D video that works with these players on your headset utilizing vorpX’s Crystal Image feature for maximum image clarity. Includes support for 360° surround videos.

Geometry Stereo 3D and fast Depth Buffer Stereo 3D

For many games you can switch between a geometry 3D mode that renders everything twice and a faster but less accurate post-fx 3D method. Highly useful to play even more demanding games on mid-range machines at VR compatible framerates.

EdgePeek + ImageZoom

EdgePeek and/or ImageZoom allow you to easily look at screen elements that are otherwise hidden in the Rift, like maps, health indicators etc. This also allows you to look around while cutscenes are played as if you were looking at a screen in front of you, effectively minimizing nausea induced by fixed camera cutscenes.