Support FAQ

Usage Issues

Games look zoomed in, field of view (FOV) is too low.

For the best experience in VR the field of view has to be higher than for playing on a monitor. vorpX offers a variety of options to deal with this. What can be done varies from game to game. For details please check the Essential Game Hints guide in the vorpX help.

I can’t use menus, they are hidden or outside of my view.

As a general solution to this please use the vorpX EdgePeek mode (press the mousewheel) whenever accessing a menu. It allows you to look around the screen. In some games you can also scale HUD and menus on the image page of the vorpX ingame menu (shortcut [ALT][MOUSEWHEEL]).

Head tracking seems too slow/too fast.

Make sure to adjust the head tracking sensitivity once for every new game. You can do this on the head tracking page of the vorpX ingame menu.

My framerate is low.

Playing games with vorpX is more demanding than playing them on a monitor, especially in Geometry 3D mode. If your frame rate is too low, please check whether you can change the “3D-Reconstruction” to “Z-Normal” in the vorpX ingame menu. This mode is usually a lot faster. Other options to improve performance are reducing your game’s graphics settings and/or resolution. Additional information can be found in the performance guide in the help.

Technical Issues

vorpX shows an error saying ‘The configured device was not found’.

Please make sure that you selected the correct device in the vorpX config app. Also please make sure that your headset is connected to your PC and you are using the latest version of your HMD vendor’s drivers/software.


vorpX can’t hook into my game(s).

If this happens only to a specific game, please check whether maybe you can switch between different DirectX versions for the game or between a 32/64bit version. It’s always worth a try to check every possible option.

If this happens to multiple games in a similar fashion, there probably is a conflict with some other software on your PC that also hooks into games. Most likely candidates are: virus scanners, CPU/GPU utilities, video capture/streaming programs, chat programs and generally everything that can display notifications in games.

To trouble shoot such an issue please try to disable/uninstall everything that would not run on a fresh Windows install. Additional information can be found in the trouble shooting guide in the vorpX help.

Installation and Registration

I purchased vorpX before and need another download link.

Please request a new download link here.

My activation key cannot be verified.

Please double check whether the request code in the license dialog is the same as in the key e-mail. If not, send us your new request code. Also please make sure to enter the data in the name field correctly. It has to look exactly like in the key e-mail. Use copy and paste to avoid typos. The key e-mail has an example image attached that illustrates how it’s supposed to look.

How do I update?

Normally vorpX should auto update as soon as a new version becomes available. If that fails for some reason, simply use your web installer to install the latest version. If you didn’t keep a copy of the installer, please request a new download link here.