Terms and Conditions

1. Service Disclaimer

Due to the volatile nature of current VR technology we may change/remove features at any time while the VR headset vendors make changes to their hard- and software that have an influence on how vorpX does operate.

2. Commercial Use

Standard vorpX licenses are valid for private, personal use only. If you want to use it commercially, please contact info |at| vorpx com for commercial licensing options.

3. Activation and Scope of the License

vorpX has to be activated. You can activate your copy of vorpX on two PCs, with the restriction that both machines have to be yours.

The vorpX license is a personal license bound to the purchaser. You can not resell your license or give it away once you received an activation key.

The vorpX beta license is valid for all 0.x beta versions, the final version 1.0 and subsequent 1.x updates.

4. Refunds

You can get a refund for a digitally purchased vorpX license before we sent you an activation key. After the first activation is key is sent no refunds are possible.

5. Price and Payment

The price shown on the product page is the price excluding your local sales tax. You can review your final price including the tax in your shopping cart before you buy vorpX.

The price for vorpX is liable to change at any time. Possible changes will not affect orders that are currently processing or that are already processed.