Power to the People!


With the next vorpX version not far away it’s time again to talk a little about what to expect.

As always we were dedicated to bring something new to vorpX. In this case something that probably was the most requested feature since day one, but wasn’t done until now because the way we considered the right way was rather time consuming to implement.

Now it’s finally here: very soon you will be able to create new game profiles and share them with other users at the click of a button. Same for all your vorpX ingame settings which can be shared the same way. Based on a powerful database driven profile management system in the background this is seamlessly integrated into the vorpX config app and couldn’t be easier to use.

Everyone will be able to create and share basic profiles and game settings this way.

For a fully complete profile this usually is just the first step though, so those who have some basic knowledge about 3d graphics and want to invest some time will also be able to get access to more powerful authoring features on request. Becoming a profile author will unlock almost everything that previously was only available in internal authoring builds. We are dedicated to directly support your efforts as much as possible and will also provide an exclusive forum for profile authors.

To sum it up: soon you get the tools. Everything from there on depends on you!

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