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    Blacksite / Blacksite: Area 51 (G3D)

    There is some confusion about this game, both names describe the same game, the only difference is probably the release version (EU/US).

    – Start game via shortcut otherwise used language might be wrong.
    – This guy offers an Anti-camera shake-patch Replace A52Game\Content\Tweaks\Coalesced.ini with one from the zip. This patch also contains different FOV settings, but they turn out exactly the same as when you gain 3D-FOV with VorpX. You will partly loose your arm (invisible), but for FULL VR mode this can give you some more FOV.
    – If game does not remember resolution settings, Edit this file with a HEX-Editor: blacksite/A52game/Config/PCSeekfree/Cooked/Coalesced.ini . Change that sticky “1280” and “720” resolution to a desired value. Note: These settings appear twice, you must change them both.
    – If tearing or annoying blur effects appear, disable them by deleting/renaming: A52Game/CookedPC/
    – insane sniper mode !
    – Profile availiable from the cloud

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)

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