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    Two Worlds (G3D)

    Because of some objects are rendered at same depth there will be glitches that we have to live with. Either play FULL VR Mode with crosshair and HUD slightly at wrong depth (depending at 3D Strength), everything else renders fine,
    or play Cinema/Immersive Screen with HUD at normal depth (using Focal Offset = 1), but here you must live with some objects like Fire or magic effects beeing rendered at wrong depth.

    Important Settings:
    – Turn OFF shadows
    – Keep HDR slider ON, turning off results in 2D game !
    – VorpX 3D FOV enhancement works, but you better enhance that through console (engine.fov XX) or autoexec setting.
    – Profile is using Edgepeek Mono
    – Profile availiable from the cloud

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)

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