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    Man i was so exited about this that i had to try i right away.
    GREAT Info on that DX9 Renderer!

    Unfortunately the HUD of your profile is broken and Guns are 2D only. This afternoon i did some tweaking with a different base profile so i now have a slightly optimized profile that has just enough Depth for an acceptable 3D and a proper Gun sight. Few objects remain at HUD Depth (guess we have to live with that) but i put the rest a bit more in place. Hope you dont mind me putting that up the cloud. (Was trying to get that game to work for AGES !)

    For those who cant watch youtube for some reason:

    Unreal Patch 227i required
    – Rename Unreal.exe to Unreal_1.exe (or Unreal1_Vorpx if you wish to use slydk1982’s profile)
    – best played in FULL VR Mode
    – set FOV (Widescreen) to 110
    – use Edgepeek for HUD view
    – gaining resolution above 1920 makes HUD very small.

    Got a fiew screenshots as well (for the Unofficial List)

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)

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