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    If you can’t get a game to work, here are a few things to try:

    Is vorpX Control running?

    The first thing you should check is whether vorpX Control is running. If it does, it displays a tray icon in your taskbar.

    Possible conflicts with other programs

    If vorpX can’t attach to a supported game, interfering background programs are the most likely reason. The best way to troubleshoot this is disabling/uninstalling programs running in the background. Typical candidates are:

    • Virus scanners. If in doubt, switch to Windows Defender (good proection, yet less invasive than some others).
    • CPU/GPU utilities, e.g. fpsVR, MSI Afterburner, ASUS GPU Tweak, GeForce Experience
    • Game/desktop recording/streaming apps, e.g. Fraps, Dxtory, OBS Studio, Splashtop, AnyDesk, TeamViewer
    • Messengers/chat programs, e.g. Skype, Mumble, Evolve, Discord
    • Game client overlays, e.g. Steam/Uplay/Origin/GOG Galaxy game overlays
    • Trainers, game hacks and mod/script injectors
    • Generally everything that can show notifications in games

    Another potential fix for hooking issues is creating vorpX desktop shortcuts. Doesn’t work well though with most games that require a client like Steam/UPlay/Origin etc., so their use is rather limited. To create a vorpX desktop shortcut right click the vorpX tray icon, choose “Create Desktop Shortcut”, then navigate to the games .EXE and double click it.

    Trying another DirectX version (DX9-DX11)

    If a game supports multiple versions of DirectX, try all of them. Usually all should work to some degree, in some cases there are hints displayed on startup which one works better. If one completely refuses to work for you, maybe you have better luck with another one.

    Multiple monitors

    If you have more than one monitor attached to your PC, remove all additional monitors temporarily and see whether that makes a difference.


    If you have a dual GPU system with SLI/Crossfire, disable this function. It might or might not work, but is currently completely untested and thus not supported.

    Notebook graphics (e.g. nVidia Optimus)

    Gaming notebooks typically have two GPUs. A slower one built into the CPU for dispalying the desktop and normal applications and a distinct GPU for games and other graphics heavy programs. If you encounter issues with such a notebook, try to disable the CPU graphics if possible (e.g. in the BIOS).

    Intel GPUs

    If you use an Intel graphics chip, you’re on your own, at least for now. System requirements for vorpX include nVidia/ATI graphics. Judging from feedback, many things seem to work with Intel, but this is completely untested. Also for some things there are distinctive nVidia/ATI rendering paths in vorpX, those won’t work at all on Intel.


    Since the latest update my start up config is all messed up and will put strange patterns over options etc. It will show briefly when put mouse over it. i’m sure is a fix?


    Ralf is there a trick to getting Vorpx to save properly?! Every time I create a profile that requires special HudVP settings and I click save, it doesn’t *save. I restart the game and the profile loads but it doesn’t keep my settings. What am I doing wrong?!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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