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    If you are new to vorpX, you probably want to hop right into the action instead of learning how to configure vorpX. The list below contains first person games that work with litlle to no configuration in ‘Full VR’ due to vorpX’s DirectVR functionality, which can configure important things like field of view, head tracking or resolution automatically.

    For third person games that are usually played best in immersive screen or cinema mode not much configuration is required in general, so this list focuses on first person ‘Full VR’ games that can be a little harder to configure without DirectVR.

    If you are stuck, make sure to check the ‘Essential Hints Guide’ and the ‘Quick Reference’ in the help. They help you understand a few basic concepts.

    • GTA V
    • Read Dead Redemption II
    • Bioshock (original DX9)
    • Bioshock Infinite
    • Metro 2033
    • Metro Last Light
    • Kingdom Come Deliverance
    • Half-Life 2
    • Portal
    • Portal 2
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Borderlands 2
    • Left 4 Dead 2
    • Black Mesa Source
    • The Stanley Parable
    • Prey [2017]
    • Mirror’s Edge
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    • Thief [2014]
    • Get Even
    • Aliens: Colonial Marines
    • Dishonored
    • Oblivion
    • Fallout 3
    • Fallout New Vegas
    • Fallout 4
    • Fallout 76
    • Skyrim
    • Outlast
    • Outlast 2
    • Crysis
    • Crysis 3
    • The Hunter: Call of the Wild
    • Titanfall
    • Titanfall 2
    • Conan Exiles [no BattleEye]
    • ArmA III (no BattleEye)
    • Far Cry
    • Far Cry 2
    • Far Cry 3
    • Far Cry 4
    • Far Cry Primal
    • F.E.A.R
    • F.E.A.R 2
    • Shadow Warrior [2013][DX9]
    • Shadow Warrior 2
    • The Talos Principle
    • Unreal Tournament 3
    • Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition
    • Conarium
    • The Turing Test
    • Hard Reset [original version]
    • Farming Simulator 2017
    • Gone Home
    • Dear Esther (original Source engine version)
    • Quake 3
    • Quake 4
    • Tron 2.0
    • Deadfall Adventures
    • Duke Nukem Forever
    • Star Wars: Jedi Knight II
    • Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

    A small tribute to vorpx and ralf :)

    Triple A games with Vorpx, now. from vorpx


    Wonder if Nvidia would make an offer one day

    Useful List !


    People keep commenting on the hands thing on the reddit thread. I hope steam eventually starts incentivizing devs to add the ability to mod hands into games (although maybe I’m being naive about how possible that could be) and allow a lot more freedom with the UI, and adding that to their older games. That’s one reason I’m excited about dolphin VR, it’s such a standardized system that it’ll be able to crack open lots of games at once.


    Regarding bioshock infinite. Any chance you can fix what this dude is talking about in this video?



    Below a certain number of draw calls per frame DirectVR gets disabled temporarily on purpose in Bioshock Infinite to prevent crashes during loading screens. If you look out of a window into the void like in the video, the game probably falls below this threshold. That should rarely happen during normal gameplay though.


    will certain glitches in like for example bioshock infinite ever be solved (e.g. the priest putting ur head in water) or are they just limitations ?


    I’ll look into it. If there is some glitch in this scene that is easy enough to address for a single 10 seconds sequence it will be addressed. Thanks for the heads-up.


    So since I see that jedi knight 2 is in that list, can we assume that jedi knight academy supports directvr, since it’s the same graphic engine?


    Also afaik Return to Castle Wolfenstain has directvr but it’s not listed there.


    anyone know how to enlarge the screen further in VR mode ?


    You have a few FOV options in the config , and you can try several aspect ratios, it says 1:1 by default.


    If I could recommend one to people. Condemned: Criminal Origins, on the Lithtech F.E.A.R engine is incredible in VR using VorpX.

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    Wow, I still have nightmares of Condemned on the xbox 360, in VR it has to be ridiculously terrifying. Does it have a profile or how did you make it work?


    @moarveer There is a profile but I loaded the F.E.A.R one myself and went from there. Full VR mode is perfect, hand/weapon size is good, slower paced perfect scale game. Really suited for it. Of-course, just like FEAR the dynamic shadows are strange and I recommend off. It’s awesome, was just gonna set up the profile and ended up going through half the game in one sitting.

    Vive Pro+HTC wireless adapter // Knuckles // Valve Index
    Intel i7-7700k
    16gb 3200mhz RAM
    Nvidia GTX-1080ti
    "Men like us...we never get back the things we love."

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