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    Very interesting, can you upload the profile? Which profile did you use, fear 1 or 2?


    Is there an update to this list? Any games added?


    Is there any Direct VR position Tracking list?

    Only these games are playable for me.

    I know only Fallout : New Vegas so far.


    @Jarilo could you please upload your profile? I would also be interested in playing condemned.


    This is a recently updated list of VORPX compatible games, and states if they can run in G3D, and if they support DirectVR:


    My headtracking is stuck.Tried san andreas,gta 5 and other.On menu where you puch in the thumb stick to project the screen out and stabilize it.That doesnt work either.

    Jesusaves! Romans 8:28


    Its fixed Ralf,I installed vorpx again.

    Jesusaves! Romans 8:28


    Sorry forgive my ignorance here but can all these games on the list above be played with motion controllers or mouse and keyboard only?


    mouse and keyboard or controller, vorpx doesn’t emulate motion controls like full vr games. I actually don’t know if vorpx allows to maps motion controller buttons as keys, but i’m sure there’s no motion support.


    Just checking games from that list – get back when i test them :)

    Btw. why you think that third person games don’t need that support? I’ve just finished Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice in VR and it was really fucking good not in cinema but not in cinema mod. So i’ll be glad for same list on 3rd person games.


    wow Jedi Knight 2 was excellent in VR, just finished it today.

    2060 RTX Super
    3900X Ryzen
    Can run pretty much anything.


    Not sure what I am doing wrong but I installed vorpx and I am using Virtual Desktop with oculus quest .. I connect normally to my PC and run half life 2 from there .. I tried several ways to run half life in VR mode without success .. it is listed here that there is no need for additional settings to run half life 2 but I just can’t play it in real vr .. I only see it on a big screen but not real VR environments. it will be really great if someone can make a simple tutorial about how to set vorpx and how to play games already supported by vorpx. I also posted this message on another topic but it has been 3 days now and nobody made any comments. I hope someone will get back to me and advise me with instructions on how to use vorpx properly.


    wow Jedi Knight 2 was excellent in VR, just finished it today.

    Did you install any re-shaders + put on Ray Tracing?


    I have been testing several games from the list, and Fallout New Vegas and Bioshock Infinite run flawless with custom resolution and Direct VR scan, they seem like native VR games to me.

    Btw. why you think that third person games don’t need that support?

    Agree, I have changed Assassin’s Creed Origins to Full VR, and I like it much more than in cinematic mode. What I don’t like is the camera, but that also on the flat game.


    I’ve tried playing the games on this list but I must say I’ve had mixed experiences.
    Fear 2 -> looks decent, but aiming down sights is impossible (can be fixed via the dominant eye setting)

    Bioshock infinite -> played around it for a bit but FOV is just very off. Looks too zoomed in. I’ve followed the recommendations to my best ability. (setting maximum fov in game etc)

    I feel like this list needs to come with its own set of optimal instructions because it is not as plug-and-play as I had imagined a game would be if it was on a list for beginners to vorpx vr.

    Also -> do most people play these cames in full vr or immersive screen mode?
    Head tracking on or off?

    What are the recommended settings for best experience?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 56 total)
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