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    @fahad233 are you using DirectVR? In Bioshock Infinite, once you’re in game, hit Alt+L , don’t touch the mouse and wait for the scan to finish. Once it’s done FOV should be perfect.

    This happen with all Direct VR supported games, so it’s actually pretty plug and play for those games.


    S there an update to this list by chance?


    Does Rage work with an G2Reverb on vorpx ?


    Just installed VORPX, is there any updated list to this thread?


    Hi guys.

    Just wondered if there was an up to date list of “full VR” games, as of 2021.
    Including 3rd person, which.
    As anyone who has played 3rd person in VR knows its awesome.
    IMHO Skyrim, using VorpX 3rd person, is incredible.

    (So including 3rd, and 1st person games.)
    Like maybe, for example any of the following.

    Horizon Zero Dawn.
    he Outer worlds.
    Jedi fallen Order.
    Shadow of War (Middle Earth.)
    Assassins Creed Odyssey?
    No Mans Sky (3rd person mode.)
    The Long Dark.

    Thanks for any help.


    Ref my post above.⤴
    “I guess not.” 🤔😉😊



    after 1 week of extensive usage with more than 50 games, the only Full VR game which works properly (not too much zoomed, not blurry, with correct FPS) is Dirt 3.

    So far I play my games as follow:
    – Cinema (>80% of the games)
    – Immersive (<20% of the games)
    – Full VR (2% only Dirt3)

    I know that there is a lot of tweaking available on the tool for Direct VR, so I will probably need few weeks to make the Full VR work properly …



    You need around 4k resolution and around 100-120 fov set to a game to have it not blurry and not zoomed, some games vorpx fixes itself (after restart) some you have to do it yourself and you need beefy PC to run them at that resolution and fov


    In what cases is full vr mode used?
    I think I’m using something wrong in this case
    I’ve never used full vr mode until now.
    Because when I use it, the game screen is always attached to my hmd, so it is impossible to proceed with the game.
    Whenever I move my head, the game screen moves along with it.
    I can’t play the game at all
    Even if when I press the del key , the vorpx’s menu screen does not appear.
    However, when I select Direct Vr mode, the game screen does not move with my head, and if I move my head, I can freely see where I want.
    If I modify any settings I Can you feel the true value of full vr?
    If so what it is?



    I’m a fairly new arrival to VorpX, and as far as I can tell from my limited experience:
    – Every game can be used with FullVR mode, but not every game works well with it just by merely selecting it.
    – A lot of games I tried had the same issue you did (the game screen moved with your head). For some games, using that ‘Direct VR scan’ had amazing results (e.g., the game screen remained fixed, and I could freely look in any direction); games like Portal and Half Life 2 both became amazing to play after doing this.
    – Other games, like Star Wars Battlefront II, or TitanFall 2 required adjusting settings within both VorpX and the game itself to try to achieve a stable image (e.g., in-game: FOV, resolution). For awhile on Titanfall 2, all I had was a largely 2D image that I could look all around in, but then I changed something within the Geometry 3D setting, and all of a sudden, the 3D aspect just ‘came alive’ for myself, and felt so much closer to being a full VR experience for myself.
    – Sometimes adjusting the ‘aspect ratio’ within VorpX (e.g., the ‘Pixel 1:1’, Letterbox 1, etc) helped to better stabilize an image for myself. For example, trying Aliens: Colonial Marines, I could not get an entirely stable image when looking around with my HMD after playing around with both the VorpX and in-game settings, but when I switched to Letterbox 1, the image became stable enough to enjoyably play.

    Some games will work great ‘right out of the box’, some will take a decent amount of tinkering to get to a point you will enjoy, and for others you may have to switch to Immersion Mode to make it playable (e.g., Resident Evil 2).
    What is considered ‘playable’ varies by individual and is heavily influenced by the hardware (both VR and PC) you have.


    I had no idea that such a variety of processes had to follow.
    Your wonderful experiences will be of great help to me.
    thank you


    Games on the list above do not require any manual setup at all under normal circumstances. The list only contains games where vorpX adjusts things like FOV etc. automatically. vorpX is not just a 3d-driver, that’s not even the largest part of what vorpX can do. It not only has many VR specific functions, but also can automatically set FullVR optimized settings for a lot of games or otherwise optimize them for FullVR, e.g. with its DirectVR memory scanner or sometimes even with game specific mods (currently true for GTA V, RDR 2).

    If that does not work for you for a game metioned in the list above:

    1. Reset the profile to default.
    2. Make sure you didn’t disable automatic settings in the vorpX config app.
    3. Check any messages that vorpX may disaplay in the top/left corner of the game window and/or in the headset

    vorpX takes care of adjusting all settings correctly. You just may wish to adjust/raise the ingame resolution to find the right balance between image quality and performance for your PC, and potentially the head tracking sensitivity in games with mouse emulation head tracking if you altered the game’s mouse sensitivity.

    Games not on the list above may require manual setup for FullVR mode. The ‘Essential Hints’ and the ‘1-2-3 Game Setup’ guides in the vorpX help explain how to do that.


    Fallen Order works really well… especially when you are inside the ship.

    2060 RTX Super
    3900X Ryzen
    Can run pretty much anything.


    gta 5 says you have to add a script hook to the gta 5 game is this true?


    Recent vorpX versions come with a dedicated mod for GTA V to offer you a better experience than what would be possible without this mod. The most recent ScriptHook is included in the latest vorpX update, so normally you shouldn’t have to do anything, but if on your PC for some reason SkriptHook complains that it needs an update, then please follow the instructions it displays.

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