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    Tonight i was going to play a new game but ended up making a Halo 2 Profile… haha

    Halo 2 (G3D)

    This game is a mess concerning wrong crosshair, huge hands and resolutions,
    But after some tweaking i have managed to create a G3D profile which let you if you are a fan of the game play it in a relatively decent way.

    – If the game is too fast or studders , set VSync to ON or Adaptive in the Nvidia settings. (if you have a Nvdidia card).
    – If the crosshair is annoying you (rendered at wrong position) you can completely disable it with this fix .Put the content into the game folder where your halo2.exe is located. Ignore the readme.txt ! (Note: its a fix for 3D Vision i wrote a while ago, we are lucky, it works with vorpX too.). For this case ignore VorpXs message.
    – Best resolution is 1600×1200, higher settings then 1920×1200 will not work, the game has a fixed ratio when choosing different resolutions.
    – The games freezes when shutting down, you must terminate it through the taskmanager.


    Halo 2 VR


    I forgot:

    – theres a Profile in the vorpX cloud for this game


    Which version of HALO 2 are you using? 2014?
    Can not get the G3D to activate. What is the trick?


    The profile is for the 2007 ganme. IIRC there should be an option in the 2014 game that let you switch back to the old graphics from 2007. No guarantee this will work though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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