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    Ok, working. I appreciate your help.


    1) on my computer monitor when I close out of Skyrim in VR, my steamclient turns into Big Picture mode (without the options to quit out) being accessible. In other words, no buttons are present just my mouse icon moving about as I search for a way to exit.

    What’s being displayed is… you know when you first start up big picture mode, you know those bubbles or that blue screen that comes up…. well thats whats being displayed on my computer monitor, the only way to back out of it is to alt, cntrl, delete and task manager it. Is there a reason why this is occuring? are you aware of this issue?

    2) The world of Skyrim looks (oval?) for lack of better word. Don’t know if it’s because I’m zoomed in, I tried zooming out, no avail. The characters, world, environment all still have that “oval” looking presence to them.

    Is this natural? or is there a way to flatten them out. I tried geometry settings and it just doesn’t look that good to warrant the frame drop, so I turned it back off. Maybe I have to reset the ini files back to how they were and bump up resolution. I’ll try that and report back when I get the chance.

    I apologize for my lash outs in this post, but this was extremely stressful for me. Your help is appreciated Ralf. Thank You.


    All you need to do to use the Skyrim SE profile is in the !Usage.txt that comes with it. If you can’t read the console command while entering it, use the EdgePeek function (press mousewheel). You can also change the fov while displaying the game on your monitor BTW. and then save the game. The newly created savegame will contain the changed FOV.

    Just in case: you need to change the FOV in the actual game, not in the main menu!

    1. Extract the archive to a folder.
    2. Run gamesettings.cmd to disable some effects. Without this step everything will be a blurry mess.
    3. Drag and drop “Elder Scrolls Skyrim – SE (preliminary).vpp” into the local profiles pane in the vorpX config app.
    4. Start the game.
    5. Open the ingame console and type “fov 120 120” (perfect value +/- 15 depending on your headset)
    6. Choose your preferred 3D mode and adjust the head tracking sensitivity in the vorpX ingame menu.

    My mistake, I forgot to mention, I did read the usage.txt, I ran the cmd, I change the iSizes in the .ini, I did drag and drop the skyrim SE.vpp into the local profiles pane and then chose apply.

    Before I call it quits, I will redo it again, I just finished watching another youtube video that sort of breaksdown what all the options in the delete menu mean/do – sort of.

    I’m supposed to be meal prepping instead of doing this shit right now. smh.


    The best way to launch games is launching them directly from your desktop, through Steam/Uplay/Origin etc., not through any app launcher that runs on the headset.

    If everything looks “ultra close”, you did not change the field of view (FOV). How that can be done varies from to game. You find a list of options in this regard in the Essential Hints Guide in the vorpX help, which I would strongly suggest to read. This guide explains three very important things that you need to do for each game once.

    For Skyrim SE enhancing the FOV is done by typing “fov 120 20” into the game’s console. Check the !Usage.txt inside the ZIP file with the profile for full instructions and make sure to follow them completely, otherwise the profile will not work as intended.

    On a sidenote: The original Skyrim in most cases works better with vorpX, so it probably makes sense to use that instead of the Special Edition.

    Still not working, too much of a headache, don’t have time for all this – how do I get my refund? Thank you.


    If needed: My Specs (MSI laptop):
    MSI GT80S 6QF
    Intel Core i7-6920HQ
    GTX 980 Desktop Class (Dual SLI) 8GB DDR5 (each)
    1TB 7200RPM + 512G SSD (Super Raid)
    32G Ram DDR4

    Still not working.

    ISSUE: (Wash, Rinse, Repeat)
    1) Launched game via steam client
    2) It comes up in my Vive headset,
    3) I then tinker with delete options to fix the extreme closeness
    4)While in main screen, console command ~ and type in “FOV 120 120″ can’t read words that appeared after I hit enter, unlegible – so I ignore it
    5) I start up the game – it crashes.

    Prior to buying this software, I checked around first (I’m new to VR and PC gaming as of September 2016) I watched some youtube videos and forums. I honestly did not have any expectations, I knew this is a small indie dev. Enough respect there. However, I then researched some more in reddit and found this guy saying:

    [–]Fredthehound 1 point 2 months ago
    Sky Remasttered will work on VorpX. Ralf (VorpX creator) mentioned it a while back. It might be a short time for the official support till he gets it sorted but IIRC he said the F4 setting will probably cover it till then
    Avyually using it is fairly straight forward. You launch Steam/Steam VR, Launch VorpX, Launch VorpX config, Select Skyrim Preset, save, then launch Skyrim.
    The standardpreset will get you there and then it’s all tweaking to prefrence. Once you het a handle on how it all works out of the box…Use as much supersampling inside VorpX as your computer can handle and in skyrim’s ini file, set the highest resolution your computer/vive can handle.
    You will QUICKLY find that you don’t have as much power as you wish you had. I have a Titan XP and a clocked 4790K and I am saving for Titan #2 because of it.
    You will not regret the effort, or the money you throw at this.

    and he also said:

    Fredthehound 7 points 5 months ago*
    Open VorpX
    Select the Skyrim ‘preset’
    Launch SteamVR
    Launch VorpX
    Launch Skyrim
    Open VorpX menu
    Change Mouse accel to off
    Set 3d sliders (both) to 30
    Set zoom to 68-71
    Learn to use ‘Edge Peek”
    Play Skyrim.
    Thats how hard VorpX is to make work great with Skyrim.

    All in this thread:

    Is anyone working on a Skyrim for Vive mod?
    by u/TheYang in Vive

    Thus, my intentions were pure “hey let me support this indie dev and buy the software if it’s really that easy or some “minor” tinkering. (No one really explains how frustrating or headache inducing this can be) I am not a deep techie, surface techie only.

    Now that I have VorpX, I must honestly say, this is horrible – for me. Two days now and not working (I bought it just for Skyrim SE) I don’t own OG Skyrim and don’t intend on purchasing it.

    I really don’t have time to sit here and go through the hurdles this thing is throwing at me. My time is limited as is to put that much effort into this. I’ll just wait for Fallout 4 VR next year, even if it turns out to be horrible.

    I say all that to say this, I appreciate what this software can do for those that have the time to sit there all day and tinker. Kudos. For those like me, time is precious so off time we use it to enjoy, Stay Away. Respectfully, how do I go about getting a refund for this?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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