vorpX 24.1.0 – Optional Cutting Edge Version

If you already own vorpX and want to try some brand new features, play Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield or some other newer titles that now have official profiles, you can download the latest version 24.1.0 instead of the default version you got with your purchase. This version also comes with a fix for poor DX9 performance on Windows 11, which is only about half of what it should be with the last regular release. So if you play DX9 games on Windows 11, 24.1.0 is highly recommended.

Note that this version is not 100% stable yet, hence it is offered as an optional download here. It should work fine on 99% of systems though. If you encounter any issues, you can revert back by uninstalling 24.1.0 and then reinstalling 21.3.5 with the web installer you got on purchase.


vorpX 24.1.0 brings a bunch of big new features that extend functionality and improve usability.

Motion Controller Gestures

You can now map predefined motion controller gestures to key presses and gamepad actions. Aminig down sights, reloading, melee combat, steering wheels and a lot more gestures are available to turn flat games into more immersive VR experiences. While not every game benefits from gestures in the same manner, some (e.g. first person shooter games) can actually feel close to native VR that way. Even seated just a handful of gestures can tremendously improve immersion compared to playing with a gamepad or mouse/keyboard.

Various profiles already have gestures predefined, try e.g. Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield, Titanfall 2 or Aliens Colonial Marines. More will follow. For other games you can easily define gestures yourself. Be amazed how easy that is and how well it can work. Check the video below for a brief introduction.

Desktop Viewer Rewrite

The rewritten desktop viewer now handles high GPU load a lot more stable and also addresses a bunch of annoyances the old desktop viewer had, e.g. the inability to display Windows admin rights prompts.

If vorpX can’t hook a game, try the new desktop viewer. Especially in tandem with the third new feature the vorpX desktop viewer now is the ultimate VR flat game cinema.

Virtual Monitor

The new virtual monitor makes running games at higher resolution than your actual monitor allows a breeze. All important resolutions are predefined, and you can easily add more if you want in the config app.

Added benefit for desktop capturing and playing games unhooked with the desktop viewer: the virtual monitor always runs at the refresh rate of your headset, which removes any form of micro stutter that normally is the result of capturing e.g. a 60Hz monitor and displaying it on a 90Hz headset.

The easiest way of using the virtual monitor is launching the vorpX desktop viewer and putting on your headset. Per default vorpX will then switch to its virtual monitor.

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