First DK2 ready version of vorpX available

Just a quick post to let you know that a DK2 ready update for vorpX is out now.

You can purchase it here.

The most important additions are:

– Initial (Alpha) DK2 support
– Positional Tracking (Skyrim only for now, more to follow)
– D3D11 Geometry 3D (Bioshock: Infinite, F1:2013, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, more to follow)
– Game settings optimizer (supporting ~15 games for now, more to follow)
– More than 50 smaller bugfixes and enhancements, among them latency improvements, DK2 black smear fix, easier setup.
– 15 Additional games supported, including: F1:2013 (G3D/Z3D), FEAR1+2 (G3D/Z3D), Gone Home (G3D), Thief [2014] (Z3D), Space Engineers (G3D/Z3D), The Stanley Parable (G3D/Z3D)

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