vorpX Videos, Part 1

For those of you interested in seeing vorpX in action, here are a few videos.

If you want to know how vorpX looks with your Rift, just watch them fullscreen. Most of them will work fine when watched with a Rift.


If you do not own vorpX beta yet, you can buy it here.

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3 comments on “vorpX Videos, Part 1”

  1. mareknr

    It would be nice to have also the real view what we can see in the rift. And is there a possibility to make VorpX available for OpenGL games too? Itried old SilentHill 3 and it doesn’t work. I asume it is OpenGL based game. Am I wrong with this?

    • Ralf

      Most of these videos are watchable in the Rift, you just have to switch to fullscreen. They aren’t all perfect for you, because of individual settings the video creator might have dialed in, but most of them should give you a good impression of how things look in the Rift.

      Not sure about SH3, it might also use a DirectX version prior to DX9.

    • mareknr

      Thanks for advice. I will try these videos in the Rift.

      I was looking for API which stay behind SH3, but I wasn’t succeed. The main thing is, that this game doesn’t work with VorpX or TriDef. I thought it is because of usage OpenGL instead of Direct X.

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