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    Arcania: Gothic 4 (G3D)

    Quite some people were longing for this game in VR, i hope you will enjoy this profile. This is “V 1.0”, so there might still be some glitches in caves or remote places. Let me know how good this profile works for you.

    -Update to latest patch (SGSD70C)
    -Turn off or lower shadows and advanced light settings
    -Dont touch HUD settings
    -profile availiable from the cloud

    I used Arcania GOLD for this (first DVD).Any other Version should work too if patched to the version above. The Add on worked completely different with 3D Vision, so it will receive a separate treatment.

    Screenshot 1Screenshot 1Screenshot 1

    Gothic 4 VR
    Gothic 4 VR
    Gothic 4 VR

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)

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