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    @vrbandwagon, please make requests only via this this page, thanks. (Note: no guarantee that my profiles will work with GOG or other onlineversions.)

    Who says that DX8 games suck, this shooter has nice graphics via DX8toDX9 and VorpX. Quite some settings must be done, but you get a nice FPS shooter in FULL VR.

    PARIAH (G3D)

    Requires DX8toDX9 wrapper from https://github.com/crosire/d3d8to9
    -Slow down mouse before start
    dont use windowed mode above 1920×1080 !
    in Pariah.ini set:
    -FullscreenViewportX=2560 (or the desired res.)
    -FullscreenViewportY=1920 (or the desired res.)

    Ingame changes will reset settings, so best if you make changes manually.

    Either press ~ (some game versions seem to use Tab) to enter console and type FOV 120 (or your desired value).
    or set DefaultFOV=120.000000 in DefUser.ini BEFORE YOU START THE GAME THE FIRST TIME.

    Dx8toDx9 is a great wrapper, though i has one snag together with vorpX, it does not shutdown properly.
    If Pariah.exe remains in the taskmanager after shutting down the game, you either need to wait for VopX to pop up with a message to close the program or terminate Pariah.exe through taskmanager manually. If you do not remove Pariah.exe from the taskmanager,VorpX will not attach at next game start !

    -Profile is availible from the cloud

    Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

    Pariah VR

    Pariah VR


    Oh no, this forum most be overdone seriously, just one second after submit no more edit button :-(

    Pariah G3D

    Pariah VR

    Pariah VR


    I couldnt resist to try that cartoon game and to see how it turns out in 3D. Luckily it didnt take long to enable Stereo 3D (some games take weeks)

    Larry: Magna Cum Laude (G3D) (boxed version)

    -3rd Person
    -Full VR
    -very high resolutions can be used
    -profile availiable from cloud


    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude


    @RJK_ Oh, man! You are the best! I’ll try this right away, hopefully it works with my gog.cpm version too!


    Adiitional Info on Larry Larry: Magna Cum Laude

    Changing over to Immersive Screen oder Cinema Mode or SHiFT+Mousewheel could improve visibility of the status bar.


    Just wanted to say huge thanks to RJK_ for your incredible job here, keep up with the amazing work!


    Thank you moarveer !


    -DX9 3rD person shooter
    -RENAME game.exe to infernal_game.exe !
    -very nice 3D
    -thanks to VorpX FOV enhancement you can play this game in FULL VR Mode
    -The profile has been optimized through 3D FOV, if you are in need to decrease 3D FOV, you may experience unwanted reflections on certain objects.
    -increase resolution to the max as usual for best image quality
    -special setting: set Force_freelook = 1 in standard_game.feel to fly around a level with a free camera. (Very intersting for taking screenshots). Note: while this is enables you can not move your character.
    -profile availiable from the cloud

    Installing notes
    If installer crashes, install “english”, then ingame change language.


    Infernal VR


    Iron Man (G3D)

    -3rD person DX9
    -disallow GameLauncher.exe
    -Start game through GameLauncher otherwise game may crash (DVD error)
    -knows issues: Crosshair way too large
    -In case IronMan.exe remains in taskmanager or freezes on shutdown, please remove manually with STRG+ALT+DEL
    -Profile availiable from the cloud


    Iron Man VR


    singularity and alien rage already tried, are ok with unreal 3 engine profile


    Spiderman 1 (G3D)

    Requires DX8toDX9 wrapper from https://github.com/crosire/d3d8to9
    -Update to latest patch (1.3)
    -If Tutorial is Broken (bad sound, no image ) start with 1st level
    -Change resolution in game.ini to desired values
    -profile availiable from the cloud


    Spiderman 1 VR


    Arcania: Gothic 4 (G3D)

    Quite some people were longing for this game in VR, i hope you will enjoy this profile. This is “V 1.0”, so there might still be some glitches in caves or remote places. Let me know how good this profile works for you.

    -Update to latest patch (SGSD70C)
    -Turn off or lower shadows and advanced light settings
    -Dont touch HUD settings
    -profile availiable from the cloud

    I used Arcania GOLD for this (first DVD).Any other Version should work too if patched to the version above. The Add on worked completely different with 3D Vision, so it will receive a separate treatment.

    Screenshot 1Screenshot 1Screenshot 1

    Gothic 4 VR
    Gothic 4 VR
    Gothic 4 VR


    Arcania: Fall of Setarrif (G3D)

    In therory you an use the profile from the first part, but since the Add on has a different light situation, i recommend this profile.

    -Decrease or turn off shadows and advanced lighting.
    -Possibly some rare light bugs in certain remote places, especially caves.
    -profile availiable from the cloud.


    Arcania: Fall of Setarrif VR


    Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War (G3D)

    In this Strategy Game with 2 little modifications you can put yourself in the middle of a 3D Battlefield with Orcs and all kind of futuristic enemies.

    -download profle from cloud
    -put this camera zoom mod (camer_high.lua) into you games folder 40k/data, with this mod you can zoom in very close/out extremely far
    -change FOV to the desired value (best 110) in camer_high.lua
    -Full 3D-Camera needs to be “on” in the graphic options, otherwise the mod will not work.
    -use this mod to disable HUD by pressing SHIFT-TAB, put autoexec.lua into the folder where w40k.exe is located
    -the profile is using cinema mode for optimzed game experience
    -(NOT TESTED) the profile should work with all the add ons too, just add their executables to the profile. ( If an add on doesnt work, let me know)

    Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

    Warhammer 40000 VR

    Warhammer 40000 VR


    Spellforce / Platinum (G3D)

    This is a very unusual profile and a bit tricky to use, though it has quite good 3D. Its important that you follow the steps below.

    -Make Adjustments (Sound,Graphics ect.) first
    -turn off shadows
    To enable user defined resolutions:
    use shortcut SpellForce.exe -window
    edit config.lua
    replace video mode (resolution)
    with (example):
    WindowHeight = 1920
    WindowWidth = 2560,

    You MUST play in Immersive Screen with Edgepeek or FULL VR with edgepeek enabled. If you are not using edgepeek mousepointer will be limited to the center of the screen. (Unknown bug).
    – Start game with edgepeek.

    Known issues:
    -Mousepointer works only properly in one of the modes above
    -fixed 3D Strength

    Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

    Spellforce VR

    Spellforce VR


    Need for Speed: Underground (G3D)

    -Must patch to 1.4
    -use https://thirteenag.github.io/wfp#nfsu for custom Resolution
    -rename speed.exe to speed_u.exe
    -terminate exe manually after shutdown
    -Crowd and Vehicles partly 2D only

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 228 total)
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