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    Dark Sector (G3D)

    Because of its millions of different light sources it was very hard to create a profile (still not finished, only about 90% but if you can accept a few things this 3rd person shooter could be a nice VR journey.)

    The game has (timing ?) problems with starforce and vorpX, version 1.01 will work, though it takes a few tries before VorpX successfully hooks. )

    Very important settings required:

    – update to v.1.01
    – use “borderless gaming”, deselect everything exept “keep window in foreground”.
    – close vorpx configurator !
    – add this:
    somewhere beneath:
    in DS.cfg
    – Turn OFF any graphics setting like fog ect.If you dont, you may experience bad lighting effects and Halos.
    – Dont touch 3D-Fov enhancement ! – use game FOV (see above) instead
    – Use antialiasing in Nvidia Panel
    – Use edgepeek mono if text converges too much (or lower 3D Strength)
    – Profile availiable from the cloud, FULL VR w. Headtracking

    Notes: Quite often faint Halos around objects under certain light angles, convergence problems with footnotes. Very precise shooting !

Viewing 1 results (of 1 total)

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