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    Another game I loved years ago that has returned to memory thanks to vorpX. An old fashioned steath action spy adventure, now playable in vr. What happened to the Bond game franchise anyway? Why don’t they make them anymore?

    007: Nightfire PC (G3D)

    Getting good world G3D was too strong for hand models, so guns have been lowered nearly off screen to simulate hip-fire. This works well since that is Bond’s style anyway, and you can still see muzzle flash and bullet casings. Just remember to aim a tad low of the reticle. See cloud for profile.

    – Check nightfirepc . com for latest patch and game status

    – You’ll also need dgVoodoo2 to wear this virtual tuxedo, so youtube a brief tutorial on how to add it’s files to a game directory.

    – Running Bond.exe the first time will configure and create Bond2.exe which you should launch from now on. Run vorpX as administrator if prompted by launch error.

    – open AppData\Local\Gearbox Software\Nightfire\bond config.cfg and set:
    r_fieldofview 123
    (a console command that can be changed in game also)
    – use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440) higher may not work

    *Shadow Treatment set to Auto can hide crosshair, but will break scopes and menus. Fun if you just want to freestyle.
    *default is cinema fullscreen (best for Pimax8k), but Rift may look better in fullVR mode.

    I haven’t tried the online yet, but the missions are a good time. Here’s a taste of some of them… Enjoy!


    Update: I managed to fix the former weapon model problem, now things look as they should. Re-download from the cloud to apply the new changes.

    The profile default is now FullVR mode, which is best if you don’t mind edgepeeking occasionally for HUD notifications. Unfortunately the HUD cannot be scaled without causing other distracting graphical problems.

    I also tested the online play and it’s working fine. Enjoy.


    Thanks for updating the profile !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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