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    If anyone knows how to change the depth of the 3d, I have an issue where some games (especially first person) that the depth just seems too shallow and it is disorienting. Like rather than a room looking as it typically would, it seems like a wall which should seem as if it is across the room, is just a few feet away.. like it’s all compressed right in front of me. Changing the 3d strength doesn’t seem to resolve that issue. I am using G3d


    Increasing FOV and strenght of G3D or Z3D in vorpx setting (del key in game) are usually ways to enhance feel of 3D perception. If you are using a custom profile from a cloud, its sometimes just an issue of that profile. Still having at least 2k resolution and at least 120 fov is recommended for good experience.


    shifting the focal point seems to have helped


    Part of the problem is that different game engines produce wildly different amounts of 3D, and Ralf has expressed that he is (understandably) wary of increasing the range of the depth-slider as people will just crank it up and then complain that it’s all distorted (Z3D). IMHO it would be nice to be able to crank that slider up, however, for the titles that don’t produce much 3D effect, with a warning similar to what vorpX provides if you try to alter certain other settings such as curved-screen.

    You can also try pushing the Near<->Far slider towards the Far side. As a general rule this will increase the overall 3D effect, but in many titles it doesn’t work well as you end up with a flat ‘near you’ scene and better 3D at distance (effectively the opposite of reality and very disconcerting). However, I have found some titles in which this works really well and does not produce the ‘flat near me’ effects (Vanilla Greedfall and TW3 with First Person Mod come to mind).


    guys not sure if its for this post but my PS5 controller behaves weird when i play halo 3 and select Geometry as the 3d default. The movement of the player is erratic and keeps stopping as i move forward as if the the pc is trying to keep up with the frame rate. When i turn this off it works fine. I have a 2060 card but is this a graphics issue or sometjing else? thanks


    This is my process for 3D immersive screen:
    1) Set the screen distance at max
    2) Set screen size at max
    3) Adjust focal point negative to a number from 0 to -10 (never use positive)
    4) Adjust 3D strength to your liking
    5) Re-adjust screen distance to be a little closer to fill the entire view (this will flatten the 3D depth the closer you bring the screen so I usually set it from 430 to 500)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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